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Christmas Contest Tails

Dear Christmas Fairy,

Can you believe it?

Just three more days to Christmas and I will need to bid adieu to you.

That also means in four days, my 2016 Sony Action Cam #FlapperLifeMoments will conclude. That also-also means.... I will have to bid adieu to camera #2 - the HDR-AS300. 😫😫😫

Starting to feel a little funeral-ish rather than festive-ish.

As you know, my two weeks long Guess-Share-Tag-WIN contest concluded six days ago. And now that the contest is over, it is time for me to write all about my first and possibly only contest. Yes. The Grinch aka Batwoman aka mummy says, "Too much work, Flapper! If you want to run another contest, you are doing it yourself next time!"

Oh mum!

How It All Started

Once upon a time, I went to The Barkery Singapore for some baking lessons. I learnt how to bake those yummilicious Gingerbread Cookies.

Remember I left part 3 and said "Shhhh... More to be revealed soon"?

This was it!
Part 3 is all about the contest.

How the contest …

That Special Appearance

Dear Christmas Fairy,

Life is but an adventure and most times, just when one least expects it, things happen. You see, when I first started this #FlapperLifeMoments series with my Sony Action Cam, I was not sure where those life moments were going to take me.

All I knew was... my secret birthday getaway and something about "countdown to Christmas". To be honest, there was no big plans. Things just started happening... just when I was turning 10.

But it is happy busy though. At least my life is interesting although a particular mama is whining that she is very very tired. She has been juggling between work and fulfilling all my exciting commitments but she always smiles when she goes through the footages of all the memories we have created as a team. I do lead  a fulfilling life, don't I?

"Life as a Celebrity Dog"

Mummy always frowns when I get referred to as a 'celebrity dog'. I am and will always be Flapper Choo! or Flapper Ah-Choo! (when I'm being …

Oh Christmas Tree!

Dear Christmas Fairy,


What magical sparkly confetti fairy dust did you sprinkle on the Festive Grinch? I cannot the Grinch has decided that we are having a Christmas tree this year! 😱 😱 😱

You know and I know, how much that grinch hates anything festive. Okay, maybe a tad bit less so on Christmas but I know she is already grouching about Chinese New Year, never mind I am still counting down to Christmas. Too bad there ain't a cave for a cave for the Grinch to hibernate in.

"Wake me up when Chinese New Year is over", that's what mummy will always say.

Anywoof, after procrastinating for a long time over setting up the Christmas tree, the Grinch finally decided that it was time to get it done. I think the nerves from the Guess-Tag-Share-Win contest became too much that she decided to take her mind off it by setting up the Christmas tree.

Like seriously mum? How much longer were you planning to procrastinate? It was only... ten more days to Christmas before you …

#LAB-Test: A Work of ART

Dear Christmas Fairy,

I have been so consumed with the Guess-Tag-Share-Win contest, I am exhausted! I need a swim. Badly.

These days, mummy always looks at me and laughs,"You are one very busy boy."

Indeed I am but I am not complaining. I love my life.  For a mere blonde doggie, I have been so blessed with wonderful opportunities and collaborations... and even having the most ridongculous swimcation for my 10th birthday, I'm content.

I've promised myself I would do sit down to get this post done but somehow.....

I have to admit I am very backlogged.  I had it planned on what I want to do but erm, yeah.  That's all I can say.


The other day, Uncle Nic came to visit with a big grin on his face.

"I want to test this new lens.  The Sigma 85....."
In Uncle Nic's usual fashion, he would mumble off the blahs so quickly, it shoots right past my blonde head.

Yay!  I LOVEEEEEE #LAB-Testing with Uncle Nic. It is always fun. Uber fun. Frodo and I get e…

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The Making Of.... - FDR vs HDR

Dear Christmas Fairy,

As you can see from my videos and photos from the "Baking Lesson at Barkery" post , Frodo and I had a pawsitively greedy time at Barkery.

I was so excited to show-and-tell, I did not get a chance to talk about my fabulous toy that captured all those wonderfully greedy moments - my Sony Action Cam!

Since the launch of Sony's shopping perks, I have been asked a couple of times about the difference between the HDR-AS300 and FDR-X3000 (the one I have) - other than the obvious fact that the HDR-AS300 is cheaper by SGD200.00.  And as far as my blonde brains can process, FDR-X3000 can do up to 4K recording wheras the HDR-AS300 is can only do HD recording.

Both cameras look and weigh exactly the same.  And truth be told, I have only ever used the FDR-series of cameras!  Like the GoPro cameras, to put it simply, it is the 'atas' (high-class) and 'not-so-atas' choice of cameras.  Don't we all like 'atas' but at SGD799.00 for atas,…