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#LAB-(rador) Report

Image 26 April 2016

Subject:  Of Mud Mask, Blackberries and Chocolate-Dipped Labrador

0500 hours
Alarm rings.
Heavy downpour with thunder.
Whatsapp to Uncle Nic: "Oui!  Weather..."
Human falls back asleep.

0600 hours
I knew humans had something planned.
I don't usually do this but I knew something was up....

*nudged human with nose*

"Wake up!  I know you have something planned.  I promise I won't roll in the mud."

But what human doesn't know, I have already conspired with Frodo about mud-rolling duty.

Human looks at the sky; still raining.
Human checks phone; no reply from Uncle Nic.
Human falls back asleep.

0700 hours
Human jolted awake.
"Oh shit!", human said, "Nic!"
Human had agreed to pick Uncle Nic at... 7 am!
Human clumsily (yes, my human is terrible with this message thing) messaged Uncle Nic and they started a debate of 'to-go-or-not-to-go'.

Needless to say, Uncle Nic pretty much insisted we should proceed…

Grandpa Loves Me

True story.

Grandpa got a new mobile phone and badgered mummy for a photo of us, Flapper, Dumbo and me, as the wallpaper.

Mummy, knowing that what Grandpa really wants is just Dumbo and me.

Mummy: "I deleted a lot of photos off my phone.  What I have left are the recent ones with all four dogs (including Pebbles)."

Mummy sent the first one that was taken during Flapper's birthday, thinking maybe could crop Pebbles out.

Photo 1 - FAIL.

So mummy continued scrolling her phone to see what else she had.

Grandpa: "But Frodo's face is blocked."

Mummy: "But Dumbo is smiling!"

Grandpa rejected the photo.
Because he has to see me my face.
My entire face.

Mummy got annoyed and decided to send Grandpa this photo.

After a brief chat about how Flapper and my brotherly bond, mummy sent grandpa two more photos.

Grandpa: "Pebbles is in the photo."

*Mummy lost for words*

*Mummy laughed*

*Mummy rolled her eyes*

*Mummy started cracking jokes of Grandpa'…