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The Pursuit of Adventures

It is that time of the year again.
It is called my birthday.

15 more days before I reach the big 1-0.
In human years I will be 66 years old.

But I know that 15 more days is fabricated.
Mummy does not know my actual birthday.
Only I know, if only I could tell her.

I can see that interchanging look between dread and excitement in mummy's eyes.  She is constantly wearing a focused frown on her face or as daddy would call it, her 'bo-eng' (busy) look.

Working with dogs/animals, you learn to accept rejections with a smile.  You also learn how to celebrate that one 'yes' for every nine 'no' you receive.  No 'what ifs'.  If you want to make an idea work, you've got to just keep trying. - Flapper's mummy
From the outside, I appear to lead that 'glamorous life' being that 'Celebrity Dog'.  But believe you me, for every adventure in my life that happens, mummy (and I) sweat tears trying to fulfil it.  For those who followed my Sony …