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Our LERF For NERF, It's All About The Fantabulous Ball Blaster

Apologies everyone that I took so long to finish this last review. As you can see from my previous post, it has been no less than dramatic weeks. I have recovered from my Flapper Nightingale days and I am so happy my grumpy old brother is back to his normal self!

And now, it gives me great pleasure to indulge in some frivolous writing and introduce you to one of my favourite-st toy - The NERF Ball Blaster - which also marks the end of my first season of toy testing for Kohepets.

As many of you might know by now, I am quite the toy fanatic. Don't see me old and distinguishably white. Old man still loves toys. Old man still loves playing fetch and catch. Nothing makes me happier than going out to play.

Miss U from Kohepets, "Flapper, why don't you try the NERF Ball Blaster? I think you will love it?"

"Hmmmmm.....", I raised my blonde eyelashes in doubt.

I quickly went to snoop their online store to check it out.

As mentioned in my NERF Bash-Toys post, I had …

Because. Everyday Is A Bonus.

A wise man once said to me, "For us now, the LKKs (Lao Kok Kok), everyday is a bonus."

I laughed when I heard that. This wise man never fails to crack me up with his sharp wit and humour. I did not think much of that statement till much later in the night when I was laying in bed and those words played in my head, "Everyday is a bonus".

Without doubt, I started thinking about Flapper. The average life span for a dog his size is 10-12 years and yes, like many pet owners, I do wish for Flapper (and Frodo) to live as long as possible - maybe 15? 16? 18? For as long as I, the human, live?

Wishful thinking, I know.

I decided to do up a fun age chart and OMG! All of them are officially 'Senior Pets' with Dumbo and Flapper going beyond senior. They are both officially 'Geriatric'.


adjective: geriatric

relating to old people, especially with regard to their health care.
"a geriatric hospital"

decrepit; very old or outdated…

We Test. We Eat. We Review - Wellness Core Chunky Centers

It is time for me, Flapper Choo, the self-proclaimed food extraordinaire to write another food review - Wellness Core (Grain Free) Chunky Centers - Wellness latest wet food product that looks enticing to my permanently hungry stomach.

Miss Y from Silversky Pets was bursting in excitement to send us this new product for Frodo and I to try. I was expecting to receive just one or two tubs to try but O.M.G.! She sent us 12 tubs - 2 tubs per flavour! Food heaven has visited me. I sniffed the food right out of our box of goodies from Silversky and flashed my hungry round puppy eyes at mummy.

No chance.

Mummy looked at me and said, "Sorry Flapper. You know the drill... I need to think of how we are going to present these food before it makes it to your stomach."

Then Uncle Nic started studying the food and told mummy, "The salmon one is perfect for me."

And mummy looked at Uncle Nic and said, "You too! No eating of the food until I am done with the review!"

I s…

The Xperia Journey Begins

It's official.

I, Flapper Choo, have begun on a new journey - The Xperia Journey.  It's quite unbelievable, really. Me? Flapper Choo? The old blonde man of dog's world with distinguished white face that reflects sunlight?

I am only turning 11 years young this September, my friends. I give thanks to God for everyday that I am healthy and mobile (no pun intended), and still able to live this extraordinary life in my very ordinary world.

I first met the lovely Miss J (not the same Miss J from America's Next Top Model) of Sony Mobile Singapore at the Sony media party in March. As some of you might already know, I have been collaborating with Sony Action Cam for the past two years and truth be told, I was not expecting any further collaborations with Sony. So on that fateful evening, Miss J spoke to mummy and expressed interest in collaborating with me, good 'ol Flapper Choo, for their new Xperia XZs phone.

Mummy looked at her and sniggered, "You sure you want Fla…