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My Top 10 XZs XPERIAnce (Part 2)

Life has a funny way of telling its own tales tails.

When I started on my new Sony XPERIAnce journey, I took it on with much trepidation (my much-confessed fear of moving away from iOS) and anticipation of what's to come. I always say, God has an immaculate sense of humour and things will happen as it happens.

Let's just call it Life XPERIAnce.

And that is perhaps the exhilarating part of stepping into the unknown zone and embracing the life moments that occur. It has been, well, an interesting two months. Like many others, my mobile phone has become the indispensable and quintessential tool for communication and perhaps even more importantly, capturing life moments with the advanced camera technology infused with any given mobile phones these days.

I unapologetically declared in my Xperia Journey Begins post that the camera is of utmost importance and my end-user XPERIAnce. After several Android vs iOS debates, it was a unanimous agreement that the preferred interface is bas…

My Top 10 XZs XPERIAnce (Part 1)

Before I begin on my yaps, I would once again like to say a huge thank you to Miss J from Sony Mobile Singapore for choosing me to be the Xperia XZs influencer/product tester.  One and a half months has passed since I first started on my Sony Xperia journey and the phone exceeded expectations. I am truly loving the Xperia XZs experience and I am so glad I decided to put on my fake chicken suit and test the phone out.

I am a primitive boy and age dictates my resistance change. Changing from iOS to Android interface was very scary and daunting. I was worried about "what if I hate the phone????"

But the transition has been surprisingly easy and this is a big thing for an iPhone user to say... I have been won over by the Xperia XZs camera. I am enjoying the XPERIAnce a lot more than an ardent iPhone fan should.

I admit to missing my iPhone when I see someone else using it. I miss the hand feel of the phone most probably from my many years of being an iPhone user. I miss the sta…

Yours Truly, Fluffy and Frappe

I have no idea why I am doing a food review for Fluffy and Frappe. Apart from being a food extraordinaire at eating, I know not much about cat's food.

After all, I am only but a dog.

What do I know about cats other than I live with two?

Anywoof, as I have never really written about the cats, so please forgive this long-winded post as I do an introduction of their diet.

A Dry Matter

Fluffy and Frappe have pretty much been on Wellness Cat Food for all their eight years of lives. Don't fall over your chair but they are actual siblings, born on 7th July 2009 and they were adopted into the Choo household at the tender age of eight weeks.

Mama always says, "Dogs... cats... same. Dry kibbles and they must eat it up in five minutes. No exception. No free-feeding. No picky eating."

So erm yeah. The same rules apply for Fluffy and Frappe. They have eating habits like ours - Frodo, Pebbles and me. Mummy is strict with all our eating habits. The cats do eat slower than us, the d…