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I Smell A Fish

This is a long overdue post.

I have been self-debating for months if I should even rant about this iffy, controversial and touchy topic. After much deliberation, I decided to bite the kibble and say now or forever hold my peace.

I Smell A Fish

It all began in July/August 2017. In the midst of all that hype of WellPet Singapore's 10th year 'birthday', there was a release of a class action lawsuit against WellPet (U.S.) for 'dangerous amount of arsenic and lead'. The dog food in question were its fish-based formulas -
Wellness CORE Adult Dry Ocean Whitefish, Herring Meal and Salmon MealWellness Complete Health Adult Dry Whitefish and Sweet Potato And because it is known that my brood is on Wellness Pet Food (the dogs and cats) and more so, Flapper and Frodo are sponsored. So I, Flapper Mummy, received flak for 'trying to kill my pets'. Okay, the peeps did not say outright but it was indicatively so. It was also clear that if I tried to defend the food in any w…

The Sony XPERIAnce Continues (Part 2) - Of 3D Scanning And Getting ABIT Geeky With It.

I made big plans to complete my review of the Sony Xperia XZ1 phone in one post.

Then daddy strolled home with an iPhone 8. That secret geek in me surfaced. I had to do THE camera #LAB-test - iPhone 8 versus Xperia XZ1 burst mode test.

And aye aye!
Spectacular test it was.

You can read all about it including my review of the Autofocus Burst Mode here.

So much for that big plan of a one post review. That's what happens when we #LAB-test products that inspire. 😏

3D Scanning

Boy oh boy!

Have I been dying to get to this topic. XZs tickled my belly on super slow motion and now, XZ1 got my tail wagging on this brand spankin' new 3D scanning.

Sony Mobile, stop teasing this old man already!

Thank God I still have a strong heart.

I have to clarify one thing. 3D imaging is NOT the same as 360° imaging. 'Tis was funny. While I was showing off this cool 3D scanning feature, I got the same response - "OH! Is it that 360-thing?"


To illustrate the difference:
360°  (a #LAB-te…

Wubba! Wubba! It's Time To Tugga!

And so it begins, my second season of toy review for Kohepets and my very first toy review for 2018! Unlike season one where I covered the 'action' toys, Miss U and I decided it was time to focus on interactive dog toys.

As usual, I have a budget of $250 (retail price!) for my toys selection. Miss U had very kindly organised a range of interactive toys for my selection. After we agreed on the toys selection and the transaction was finalised, my blonde eye lashes fluttered in a flurry like an antenna picking up a signal call.

"Miss U! Miss U! Can I please add the KONG Tugga Wubba to my loot? I need that toy. I want that toy. I MUST HAVE that toy!!!", I asked her with all excitement I could conjure up.

Miss U agreed to add on to my loot even though I would go over my budget.

Flashbacks of daddy's toys played in my head.

We, Frodo and I, really need this toy.

See video below for the story of how we got the Tugga Wubba. True story.

Tugga Wubba Explained!

As you can s…

Year Of The Dog. Being 12. ALMOST.

Goodbye rooster.

Hellllooooo dog!

I would rather eat the rooster than say goodbye to it. One of my favourite words is "Chic-Keeeennnnn".

Mummy is usually oblivious to the annual call of the Chinese zodiac animals but this year is special. And you know why? Because I, Flapper Choo, am born in the year of the dog!


I have the decade mark to welcome the dawn of being 12. ALMOST.  I WILL turn 12 in September (psyching positive thinking energy here). Time flaps pass faster than I can say 'Chick-Keeeennnn'. Mummy has been busy with my whilst juggling to keep Frodo and I active while "I" (*cough mummy*) have been suffering from writer's block. "I" have been uninspired if I may say so. "I" missed out writing something for Christmas and then the New Year... and before I know it, it is now the Lunar New Year. Change the "I" to her/she and the truth is revealed.

Oh mum!

The year of the C-H-I-C-K-E-N (spell it out so I can p…