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What does Flap-a-zine mean?
Flapper's Magazine.

Why Flap-a-zine?
It is something I have always wanted to do - my very own magazine about dogs (and maybe sometimes cats) written by dog(s) and sometimes the human too.  And now that I am close to retirement age, it is a good time to get Flap-a-zine going!  I would like to be able to share | my tails | our tails | their tails | other tails | and make this a fun, interactive and good informative doggie magazine.

So what can readers expect from Flap-a-zine?
I will continue to write my stories/adventures but I have also started a section called "Doh-AH!" which will be a collection of my silly brother's stories and images.   In time, I hope we can grow Doh-AH! to have reader's contribution of their dog's funny moments/stories too.
There will also be more serious topics about dog's health, dog's behaviour, dog training.... everything dog.
Of course, in time, I hope to grow Flap-a-zine with more interesting sections and contributors.  But for now, I will take it slow and steady.  I am an old man already.  *laugh*

This means readers can make story/topic requests and/or send in their stories for you to feature of Flap-a-zine?
Absolutely!  I will try to abide to the requests as much as I can and YES!  I love reading my fellow dog stories with photos.  This is a fun magazine for dogs... by dogs.

How can readers send their story/topic request and/or their doggies' story?
You can email meleave a comment below or use the contact form.
Writing for Flap-a-zine is serious business.  Would anyone like to contribute?

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