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Life is an Adventure

I can hear the noisy chatters in mummy's head.

I overheard mummy talking on the phone yesterday.

Some thing about a new campaign.
Some thing about adventures.
Some thing about "bucket list".

It's a "before I turn 9 years old" bucket list.
Not me kicking the bucket any time soon.


So yes.
Some thing about my birthday too.

You see, life has not exactly been very exciting lately.  Mummy constantly pokes fun of my ever-whitening face but I know, like every other pet owner, she feels the ache of watching age catch up with me and quietly wishing there's that magical elixir pill....

So when I received that email about this new campaign, that spark of insanity was ignited within.

Very exciting!

Life is an adventure.
I, Flapper Choo, never know what is going to come my way.
And adventures... is what I/we want to create.

Limitations for dog adventures in Singapore?

But I am going to try anyway.
Never say die before…