In His Glory

That Iffy Ear and His Healing Touch

As some of you might know already, I have been Mr Elastoplast-Ear for more than a month. And I have been self-debating for a long time WHEN I should write about it or should I even write about it.

After much thoughts and deliberations, I finally decided to write about it just because the road to recovery has been one arduous (and may I add painful) journey and no short of an amazing healing, thanks to Him.

And here's my story of THAT Iffy Aural Haematoma and His Healing Touch.

DO NOT TRY ANY OF THE PROCEDURES AT HOME. Always seek professional advise and help from your Veterinarian should your dog develop aural haematoma.

Aural haematomas usually occur as a result of local irritation to some part of the ear. When something irritates the ear canal, a dog is likely to respond by scratching or shaking the head. Excessive shaking causes blood vessels to break, resulting in bleeding. An understanding of the ear's anatomy makes the sequence of events more logical. (extracted f…

Flapper And Frodo Play: Tic-Tac-Twirl.... Much A Twirl About Nothing

After testing and playing the Outward Hound Paw Hide puzzle toy, Frodo and I knew exactly the next toy we wanted to test.

Yet another Outward Hound puzzle toy.
It is called Tic Tac Twirl.

The idea of a "tic-tac-toe"toy appealed to us. How cute is that? And in what seems to be Outward Hound's corporate green colour for dog toys with bold colour blocking, the Tic Tac Twirl puzzle toy is no exception. And we love toys that spit treats out!

We bugged mummy to let us test the Outward Hound Tic Tac Twirl puzzle toy now. Like NOW. Pronto!

Frodo and I secretly sniggered behind mummy's back. We knew, in terms of difficulty, this would be an easy-peasy puzzle toy. Easy-peasy that spits treats is even better. Quick access to get food into our stomachs.

Note from mummy:
I would recommend for dog owners to have puzzle toys of different difficulty levels. Dogs learn well with success so the easy-to-win games keep them interested and motivated for the more difficult ones. This will…

Flapper and Frodo Play: Paw Hide Puzzle Toy

When we first received our package of goodies toys from Kohepets pet shop Singapore, mummy asked Frodo and I which toy would we like to test first. We unanimously agreed on the Outward Hound Paw Hide puzzle toy.

Which dog can resist the brightly-coloured toy that is in the shape of the paw?

Frodo and I are fans of interactive/puzzle toys. We already have a couple of Nina Ottosson toys from many years back. So when Miss U from Kohepets asked if Frodo and I would like to try some interactive, we gave her a resounding "Woof!".

Bring on the interactive toys!

How Paw Hide Puzzle Toy Works

I must confess.

Such games are not novel for Frodo and I. Mummy has been playing similar-type games with us for many years. It does burn some brain juice to figure out how to get the treats. Brain juice power required depends on difficulty level of the toy/game.

And of course, greedy and motivated dogs are essential for the games too.

Note: DO NOT be ambitious and start with toys of high-level di…

Growing Old With Wellness

21st June 2018

I heard that familiar 'biong' on my phone. Uncle D from Silversky messaged me to inform that Wellness Core has new five products. My blonde eyelashes fluttered as I saw that golden word - SENIOR.
Finally! Wellness Pet Food has come up with senior formula and boy oh boy was I excited. Okay okay. I am in the over-the-hill 'geriatric' category. At [almost] 12 years old, I have pawed past the 'senior' mark. My dear brother, Frodo Choo, is still in the safe zone of senior.

Post THAT fishy case of Wellness Pet Food, Frodo and I were maintaining on Wellness Complete Health Grain Free Deboned Chicken and Chicken Meal. As I am writing this post, I am happy to announce that this is my 10th year anniversary on Wellness Pet Food
And it is Frodo's 7th year with Wellness....


2nd July 2018
Food replenishment required!

I messaged Uncle D and asked him if we could try the brand spanking new Wellness Core Senior Dog formula. I was excited to s…

The Light Shone In Dumbo's Glory

My curly ears brother officially turned 15 years old on 18th April 2018. Like me, Dumbo was adopted so no, 18th April is not his actual birthday. It was the date he was adopted into the Choo family. He was two years old. He became the 'eldest grandson'. He also became the king of the house.

As some of you may remember, Dumbo gave us a death-scare last May. Since then, there has been many up and down moments with Dumbo. His health disparity was never meant for the weak-hearted - mentally, emotionally and financially.  Mummy mocks his encyclopedic medical bills.  Dumbo probably has a life span of two cats. Mummy always insists he owes her more than nine lives. And she still calls him an a-hole but she means it in an endearing way... of course.

Post the scare, I nudged mummy and reminded her of our planned family photo shoot for and with Dumbo for his 15th birthday.

"Break my doggie-bank and ask Uncle Nic to do the photo shoot. This shall be my gift to everyone.", I to…

I Smell A Fish

This is a long overdue post.

I have been self-debating for months if I should even rant about this iffy, controversial and touchy topic. After much deliberation, I decided to bite the kibble and say now or forever hold my peace.

I Smell A Fish

It all began in July/August 2017. In the midst of all that hype of WellPet Singapore's 10th year 'birthday', there was a release of a class action lawsuit against WellPet (U.S.) for 'dangerous amount of arsenic and lead'. The dog food in question were its fish-based formulas -
Wellness CORE Adult Dry Ocean Whitefish, Herring Meal and Salmon MealWellness Complete Health Adult Dry Whitefish and Sweet Potato And because it is known that my brood is on Wellness Pet Food (the dogs and cats) and more so, Flapper and Frodo are sponsored. So I, Flapper Mummy, received flak for 'trying to kill my pets'. Okay, the peeps did not say outright but it was indicatively so. It was also clear that if I tried to defend the food in any w…

The Sony XPERIAnce Continues (Part 2) - Of 3D Scanning And Getting ABIT Geeky With It.

I made big plans to complete my review of the Sony Xperia XZ1 phone in one post.

Then daddy strolled home with an iPhone 8. That secret geek in me surfaced. I had to do THE camera #LAB-test - iPhone 8 versus Xperia XZ1 burst mode test.

And aye aye!
Spectacular test it was.

You can read all about it including my review of the Autofocus Burst Mode here.

So much for that big plan of a one post review. That's what happens when we #LAB-test products that inspire. 😏

3D Scanning

Boy oh boy!

Have I been dying to get to this topic. XZs tickled my belly on super slow motion and now, XZ1 got my tail wagging on this brand spankin' new 3D scanning.

Sony Mobile, stop teasing this old man already!

Thank God I still have a strong heart.

I have to clarify one thing. 3D imaging is NOT the same as 360° imaging. 'Tis was funny. While I was showing off this cool 3D scanning feature, I got the same response - "OH! Is it that 360-thing?"


To illustrate the difference:
360°  (a #LAB-te…