'Meet Flapper' Fundraiser at Molex Singapore

Hello everyone! I am Flapper Choo and I am very happy to part of Molex Singapore's 40th Anniversary. Here I am at the office for a 'Meet Flapper' Fundraiser organised by my beloved daddy.

I love office visits.

Perfect excuse to be a social butterfly and well, best to shamelessly seek belly rubs. I love meeting new people. I love bringing smiles to their faces. I love watching them enjoy my blonde company amidst sighting of rolling fur balls.

I think I make a good stress relief, what do you think?

So the other day, daddy took me one side and asked me - man-to-man - most seriously, "Flapper Choo. Would you like to come to my office and do a 'Meet Flapper' fundraiser?"

I looked at daddy most curiously as he was most seriously.

He filled me in on the top-secret details and I looked at Mummy expectantly, "It's a fundraiser, mum. It's for a good cause. Surely you will say yes."

Mummy smiled at me and said, "Ok Flapper, time for us to go get our passport made."

That was her lame joke of saying that we are as good as going to Malaysia for this office visit.

After daddy left the room, mummy sighed and said to me, "Let's pray that it all works out well for daddy. You and I know that thing about organising dog-related events for humans."

That thing, she was referring to, was rejections, backlash and disappointments.

I quietly put my head on mummy's lap and said to her, "It will be what it will be. As you always told me, it's not the quantity but the quality. So... come what may! We will just go and give those who are willing to participate a nice Flapper time!"

That Oh-So-Touching Video About Me

After I agreed to do the office visit, daddy diligently started work on the promo for the event. I was touched by the amount of effort daddy was putting in and one day, with a big broad grin on his face, he said to me, "Flapper, would you like to see the video I put together to show everyone what a good dog you are?"

Daddy played the video for mummy and me to watch.

I turned to look at mummy. I could see that the usually everything-okay-ish mummy was getting moved to tears. To hide her raging emotions from watching the video, she exclaimed a big "Awwwwwwwwwww......." and thanked daddy for putting together such a LONG but touching video.

Mummy is always busy running my activities and she has just about 3 external HDD and 2 computers filled with disorganised photo and video logs of me. She has always said, "God I'll die from crying the day Flapper leaves and I put together a montage of his life."

Daddy's painstaking effort of putting together a video montage worked its magic on us.

I hope the videos worked its magic on his colleagues too.

And Hello Everyone! I Am Flapper Choo.

It felt like eternity to the actual event since daddy first asked me. No, no. I did not do that annoying 'Donkey' thing of asking mummy and daddy incessantly, "Are we there yet?". That's a Frodo thing.

The event was supposed to start at 11:30 am but daddy requested for us to be there at 10:30 am. There were some lovely ladies who wanted to meet me. Of course we obliged! Mummy laughed and told daddy, "You know that means we would end up starting earlier too, eh?"

I spent the morning deciding what I should wear and well, was in a dilemma whether or not to go for "classic" or "cool look. And oh yes! Mummy finally removed that yucky elastoplast from my ears. Gosh I've been elasto-plast for just about 3 weeks and I was so happy to have it removed!
After much contemplation, I decided to go for the classic look of just collar and tie without the shades.
Needless to say, the photographer for the event was none other than my partner-in-crime, Uncle Nic from Furry Photos Pet Photography! Daddy knew that there is no one else in the whole wide world that could get my best PR-Face-on-Steroid other than Uncle Nic!

Yay Uncle Nic!

He came to pick us, Mummy and I, at around 9:45 am. But of course I had to pack my now must-have item for all my life moments - the Sony Action Cam. I had most recently returned the loaned HDR set to Sony Singapore so I was down to one camera. My camera. Even though the campaign is over but I do still use the Action Cam quite a bit - from my latest toy testing gig to little life moments like these. So yes, I am so so so grateful and blessed to have been chosen by Sony Singapore again and being gifted with such an awesome camera.

It was such a fabulous visit to daddy's office and meeting all those wonderful people who delighted in my presence. And as mummy predicted, I started "work" at around 11 am rather than 11:30 am. But that okay. I had a blast anyway... and the reception area was nicely air-conditioned. I CANNOT COMPLAIN! *guffaw*

I Love "Lulu"

No. This is not some parody of "I Love Lucy" though at some point I may think it is! There was this highly hilarious guy there. I have no idea what his name is. I only know him as "Lulu".

"Lulu" was such a hoot, he took over the Flapper-show with me as the side-kick.
I Love this "Lulu"... He is too funny!
And because he could not resist my Flapper-charm, he came back and took more hilarious photos with me! It's people like "Lulu" that truly makes me love and enjoy these "Meet Flapper" events.

 Some other noteworthy mentions!

Looking cool is the key!
The mongrel Lion?

Because... this girl just wanna have fun!
Group shot with the fabulous team!
The one who thinks his nostrils are as big as mine....
The one who waited for 3 hours to finally come "love" with me.
The one who spent a lot of time with me.
The one that I took an instant liking to.
Another group shot with the 'YPG' gang.... whatever that means. Just flash PR-face can liao.
The one who has been stalking me.

And after all that fun, it's the 'Circle of Life'.

Me thinks... the video and photos tell what a fabulous morning I had at Molex Singapore office.

Okay okay... reception area.

Let me add this - AIR-CONDITIONED reception area.

I had such a great time meeting and greeting everyone. With the exception of those far and few between "hear-no-evil", "see-no-evil" thus I shall "speak-no-evil", I was treated with much love and I was blessed to have been allowed to be play a little part in Molex Singapore's grand 40th anniversary!

I have no idea how much I helped to raise but that don't matter. I am just happy to see many smiles and giggles that day. The main idea of an office visit from a dog, really, is to bring joy to people, no?

And just for the record.... NO, I WAS NOT PAID - for those who thought I was!

Thank you to those who attended, your graciousness towards me and contributed to the fundraiser.

Thank you to the team for their hard work.

Thank you to "Lulu" for bringing on so much laughter.

Thank you to Uncle Nic for being there.

And most of all, thank you to Daddy for organising this and all your hard work in putting together the promos.

Always happy to be of service.

Flapper. And Frodo. Plays.

Wubba Wubba!
It is official.

Frodo. and I.
Are now Toy Testers for Kohepets.

And of course.

New collaboration = New Promo for our readers!

Happy with my toy loot from Kohepets. Frodo and I will play toy testers and review these toys

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Promo codes valid for ONE purchase only.
  2. You can only use EITHER of the promo codes, not both.
  3. FREE DELIVERY for purchase over $60.00.
  4. Flapper10 entitles you to 10% total purchase discount. Valid till 15th May 2017.
  5. Kohe8 entitles you to $8.00 total purchase discount. No expiry on this!
  6. Happy shopping!
So... if you are a bargain hunter and don't really care for our review, please proceed on to Kohepets website and start shopping now.

However, if you'd like to know our story about the collaboration and our review on Kohepets, please feel free to read on! ๐Ÿ˜

A Long Road to 'Yes'

Kohepets first approached us, Frodo and I, back in November 2016. I paw-sed to ponder for a long long time. You see, after our long-awaited sponsorship from Wellness Pet Food aka Silversky Pets came to fruition last August (2016), I was elated and content. I happily told Frodo, "Bro, this is it! We have Barkery covering our birthday cakes and Probiotics, Petvoq on those smart toys, Silversky on our staple food.... and of course, Uncle Nic for our photos!"

Kohepets is an online pet store which means they carry many many MANY products/brands = potential conflict of interest with our current collaborators/sponsors.  Frodo and I are not 'pasar malam' (flea market) style or 'anything free we take'. So at that point of time, I did not know how or what we could collaborate with Kohepets. It was like... taking on an entire supermarket or department store! *guffaw*

However, a Miss U was very very patient with me and understood my apprehension. I was very ready to say 'no' but I could sense her sincerity in wanting to work with us so I asked her to give me some time to ponder... and comb through their online store to see if there's anything we could work with.

๐Ÿ’ก Did you know...
Kohepets is the only pet store (as of now) that carries the products of the brands I work with... except Sony Action Cam.

Dilemma, it was.

I looked at Frodo and asked him, "Bro... What should we do for Kohepets?"

Frodo shook his infamous face-slapping butt and replied, "I don't care! Come play with me! Play! Play!"

Oh Frodo!

Hang on....
Maybe. Just maybe.

When one is out of ideas, start with cat. 'Play'. Toy-shopping is fun!

Yep! Me thinks.... Frodo and I could safely be Toy Testers for Kohepets - even though we are already collaborating with Petvoq on their toys. We will just need to be careful to select toys that do not conflict with their product type.

We originally only wanted to be 'Kong' toys tester but blah blah blah blah blah...... no. Then more blah blah blah blah blah..... you wouldn't want to know what we were haggling with Kohepets.

Anywoof, it only took four months before we became the official 'Toy Testers'.

Whatever the blah blah blah blah were, it was time to go toy shopping at Kohepets with our given budget.

I spied with my blonde eye lashes and had already paw-marked the toys I wanted from the earlier snoop at Kohepets.

Online Shopping @ Kohepets
by Flapper's Mummy

First and foremost, I must confess.

I have not shopped at a pet shop for a long time (years!) nor purchased pet products online locally. For those who have read my earlier posts would know that I'm pretty no-fuss with the 'kiddos'. Just the necessities and that's that. Even their existing toys were the boys' birthday presents from a few years back.

Online "window-shopping"? Yes. Quite a few times, actually. So have I seen Kohepets online store before?  Yes. In fact, prior to this collaboration, I knew that they have quite an extensive catalogue of pet products. I do search for specific pet products locally now and again and Mr Google do tend to return with 'Kohepets' as one of the top search results.

The other thing I know about Kohepets.... it carries a good range of kitty condos and kitty products. I have been wanting to get a cat condo for the two meows so I have looked at their cat condos quite a few times.

Thanks to the boys latest collaboration, I was 'forced' to surf through Kohepets quite thoroughly... more than once. Like with all the boys' other collaborators and sponsors, we aim to give good honest reviews.

So let's begin with....

Navigating the website 

Kohepets overall website layout is kept simplistic which makes it easy on the eye. Their menu bar contains eight categories - Dogs, Cats, Small Pet, Health, Play, Grooming, Sleep, Sale.

Seems pretty straightforward except that as one knows.... any given pet shop would have hundreds and thousands of products so that's when the 'fun' begin of looking at the submenu with my failing eyesight.

A screenshot of Kohepets Home Page with the submenu displayed. The very long submenu which is neatly categorized. Or should this be considered as sub-categorized?
Overall, navigating around the website is pleasant. The page loading is fast (important!). The search function is responsive. I cannot really complain in those areas.

Yep. There's always a BUT.

  • Shopping by Brand

This, however, is not all that user-friendly unless you are very certain that you are there only to shop for that one brand. What happens is, you select the brand you want to shop. It effectively brings up the product range by brand.

But when you want to snoop at other brands, you need to either:

a) Click the x next to the brand at the sidebar which will bring you back to the 'Dog Toys' main page; or

b) Click on 'Dog Toys' on the main menu bar. That's where you'll end up anyway.

The moment you select by brand, the rest of the brands "disappears" from the sidebar which can make it pretty annoying if you are 'window-shopping'.

  • Shopping by Price

The option of shopping by price though... while deciding which dog toys to select for the boys, it was quite hilarious really.

$0.00 - $99.99 (814)
$100 and above (1)

I think you get my point. That becomes redundant as a search option when shopping for small items. It is as good as shopping from the main 'dog toys' page and comb through 34 pages worth of toys.

But here's the good news... at least almost all the toys sit under $100!

  • No Page Navigation 'First' and 'Last' Page Option

With the gazillion of dog toys they carry, it would have been nice to have had the option to select display number.

Okay, I'm exaggerating with 'gazillion. Kohepets carries 815 dog toys. 'Kong' dominates with 321 toys.

Each page displays 24/48/72 items. That's 34/17/12 (respectively) pages worth which one won't know till you realize there's no 'Last Page' option. OR! Say you diligently comb till some page 20 and decided you want to see that toy at page 5....

Good luck.

It's all about the money money money...

Can you hear Jessie J's "Price Tag" playing at the background?

Let's face it.

It's all about the price, innit? Whether we are pet owners or not, we always look at the price tag - be it physical or online shopping. And I can safely stereotype that there's an expectation for products sold online to be cheaper... way cheaper.

I am the self-proclaimed stingy non-shopaholic dog mama who does not part her money for frivolous pet items. Of course I do look see things online that makes me go "oh so cute!" but that's about it.

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...

Let's see how Kohepets prices compare against the 'regular' retail price on our favourite things.
A quick look at Kohepets prices on our favourite things.

This is not an extended list of price comparison of how Kohepets prices sit against the other retailers. There are too many pet shops around (over 200 listed pet shops in our tiny red dot country!) and pet products are NOT price controlled.

The quick price comparison I made is just a quick view of how Kohepets prices sit against the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) and/or the prices as sold by the retailer itself (i.e. Barkery and Petvoq).

For those who may prefer a pictorial walk-thru of Our Favourite Things.... Click on the image to bring you to the actual product(s) page at Kohepets!

 Minipets Pet Bed

 Wellness Core Dog Food

 Wellness Cat Food

 Bark2Basics Ear Cleaner

 Tropiclean Shampoo

 Washbar Shampoo


 Smartpult Ball Launcher

And Let The Toy Shopping Begins!
by Flapper Choo

So after mummy's generic price comparison (Frodo and I were snoozing away while she obsessed over it) to get a feel of where Kohepets sits at in their pricing, it was time for ME to squander away my budget on toys.

I had already paw-marked a couple of toys while snooping around their store but I wanted to make sure that my selection of toys was sensible - a variety of toys for indoor use, outdoor use and well, something to keep my wise brains active.

Wubba Wubba!
One of my favourite swimming toy which Frodo had lost it out at sea. Wubba Wubba! I have not one, but TWO, Wubba again!
That Kong Wubba toy was the first thing I selected. We had one of those that we loved for our swim sessions BUT in typical Frodo style, he lost one at sea. I was secretly happy that I had a bit of budget to get not one, but TWO Wubba!

After spending 2 days going through Kohepets 815 items worth of toys and deciding EXACTLY which toys I should get for Frodo and me. I was very happy with my loot as I "checked out" and tapping my paws impatiently daily as I awaited delivery.

"Delivered in 2 Days"

That's Kohepets promise on their online store that their delivery turnaround time is 2 days.

You know how when you are waiting for that special something to arrive and that 2 days can feel like 2 years?


That was how it felt like!

I placed my toys order on 26th February (Sunday) morning. I received an SMS on Tuesday early evening if it could be delivered the next day between 1-5 pm. Of course they could! I was prancing around at home counting down to the delivery.

And indeed it was delivered within the suggested day and time. I guess it was considered as "in 2 days" since ordering on a Sunday equates to ordering on a Monday.

No issues about the delivery and the toys were packed well. No damaged toys or torn packaging.

Give That Dog Some Food
Help a homeless animal by donating necessities here! Shelters and animal rescue organisations like Friends of SevenOSCAS & Uncle Khoe’s K9 have lots of homeless animals to care for and feed! 

You can help them by donating kibble, canned food & anti-parasite medication; everything is priced at up to 38% off exclusively for animal shelters. Simply indicate in the Comments at Checkout which shelter you wish to donate to, and we'll take care of the rest.

Just thought I'd give a noteworthy mention here. Indeed! Kohepets has a "Donate" section (under "Sale" on the main menu) for anyone interested in donating food, shampoo or Revolution to the shelters. Limited choices but hey! A whopping 38% off (almost at cost price) and Kohepets will do the delivery to your selected shelter... is definitely worth a mention!

Now... Time To Start Testing Those New Toys!

With all that said about Kohepets, it is time for me to start on my new job as a toy tester!

So I lie.... I have already finished testing all the new toys. ๐Ÿ˜œ

Please be patient as I slowly put together my review of each toy.

I'm an old man.

I prefer playing to working.

I'll get my first toy review out.


In the meantime... Happy Shopping! 

Getting ZEALous With It

8th February 2017 - We went to Silversky's office to ๆ‹œๅนด and ended up getting overZEALous with these treats! 

'Twas the twelfth day of Chinese New Year and thirteenth day post mummy's surgery.

Mummy decided that we should go 'bai nian' (ๆ‹œๅนด)to Mr E and his wonderful staff at Silversky Pets. As some of you may know already, Silversky Pets is our kind sponsor of our staple diet called Wellness Core dog food.  We are forever grateful for this sponsorship so mummy decided Frodo and I should go pay Mr E a visit for Chinese New Year.... and well, the long overdue collection of Frodo's bed.

Hoorah! Frodo finally has his own bed. Mummy says orange colour suits him. What do you think?

It was our first official outing since mummy's surgery and truth be told, mummy was more excited than she had let out. I think through those 13 days of immobility had mummy beat us hands down in giving emo and tragic faces from boredom.

So yeah, the happy trio - Frodo, mummy and I - were delighted to get out of the house and go 'kai kai' at Silversky's office.

Ladies and Gentlemen at Silversky Pets... welcome us to your office!

ZEALously Natural. 100%.

The Natural Pet Treat Company (NPTC) started operations in January 1999 as a small business manufacturing 100% Natural New Zealand Made treats for dogs.

I spy with my greedy eyes....

There were bags and bags of Zeal treats on Miss Clara's table.

Mr E proudly told mummy that they now carry Zeal products and truth be told, mummy has not heard of Zeal. Mummy rarely buys treats for us and most of the time, they are given to us either as birthday presents or from our favourite ladies at Barkery.

Of course Frodo and I did not care much about the brand of treats. Just feed us.


"Is there anything that Flapper and Frodo can't eat?"


Yes. Mummy has nurtured us to be greedy and food-motivated boys. A LOT of people may attribute it to us being Labradors but believe you me, don't even think about being not food-motivated with mummy. But that does not mean mummy is not cautious about the content of the treats.

So first thing first, she strained to examine the package with her old-lady eyes. Of course she had to select Venison Liver!

My fav.

!00% New Zealous Venison LIVER! Woohoo! Now you're talking my language! Bring in on mama! Put it into my mouth now! NOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

I LOVE how the ingredient list only has ONE ingredient - as 100% as it gets I guess! As wholesome as it gets. Carnivores... we are!

Next... let's inspect the noteworthy packaging

If you are like mummy and appreciate considerate and quality packaging, you will LOVE Zeal Treats' packaging ALTHOUGH mummy was really quite blush-worthy about it.

You see... mummy was so excited to open the treats to let us have it, she quickly asked for a pair of scissors to cut the bag open.

After butchering two bags of treats, out strolled Mr E from his office and he was like, "WHY DID YOU CUT THE BAG? YOU CAN ACTUALLY OPEN THE BAG WITHOUT CUTTING IT!"

He promptly demonstrated the nifty (and cute) self-opening system on the bag and Mummy looked at him with much embarrassment.

See this cute bone-shaped die-cut thing?
That's how you open the bag of treat, mum! No scissors needed.

Oh mum!
You wasted precious time.
Tear it and get 'em in my mouth!

Left: The opened bag of treat using the self-opening system. That allows the bag to be re-sealed with the ziplock after opening. Right: The butchered bag of treat that mummy sliced the top off which opens the bag completely and cannot be re-sealed with the ziplock.
When opened correctly, one can re-seal with the in-built ziplock to maintain freshness of the treat.
Because of how/where the in-built ziplock is on the bag, slicing the bag open spoils the packaging = cannot be re-sealed with the ziplock.

So we love this opening system. Pretty nifty eh? This self-opening system with the in-built ziplock makes it very convenient and accessible when used outdoors.

Stack 'Em Before You Can Eat 'Em

First and foremost, I must say that there are similar treats out there so I cannot really define what is so uniquely special about it. There are definitely other 100%-natural treats available. All I can say is, it looks and smells like some other treats we have consumed before so that "100% meat smell" is something we are quite familiar with.

And boy do Frodo and I get overZEALous whenever mummy opens the treat bag and we smell that oh-so scent-uous smell of pure meat.

The only thing about the treats that displeased mummy a tad bit is that it is not easily 'breakable'. For training purpose, mummy likes treats that can be easily broken into small pieces so the fact that the treats are chunky and hard (for chewing and dentition purpose) got a bit of a minus point from mummy.

Frodo and I ain't complaining about it though.

Food glorious food in its wholesome chunky beauty.

But of course, before we got to taste those mouth-smacking, tongue-lickin' good treats, somehow.... the treats made it on our head and snouts before out stomach.

Oh mum... AGAIN!

Like seriously, mum? You had to stack almost the entire pack of 125g worth of Lamb Sticks on my head before I can eat 'em?
Life is so unfair! Frodo only needs to stack ONE piece of the Venison Liver? Pffffttttt.
Back at home.... Mr Flat-Head got more Venison Liver stacked on him. P.S. I was hiding below awaiting for Mr Move-A-Lot to drop the treats off his head.
My supremely happy PR-face after chomping down on all that treats!

M-I-L-K is my favourite word

After all that hard work with the stacking, Mr E presented me with yet another Zeal product.

It is called... M-I-L-K.

Yes. I do understand that word in any form possible. Try me. I will show you to the fridge.

Mr E made it an even happier visit by presenting me with this 1L bottle of M-I-L-K.

Here's any frivolous fact about Frodo and I.

Lactose-Free or not, we drink. Lactose-Free or not, our stomach can take it. We've been trained to have iron-stomachs. But free milk to try... it tastes even better! :P

Time to look at the back of the bottle again.

260ml daily intake only? Gimme the whole litre!

One For All and All for One

After all that self-preservation of not indulging in my favourite drink called M-I-L-K, it is time to share the pleasure of this heavenly drink with my siblings.

Crunch Time
We went to Silversky for a visit and came back with all these fabulous Zeal products.

Okay... so the  ZEAL treats and lactose-free milk boast of being 100% el-naturel with no preservatives or artificial flavourings. The treats are labelled as "Free Range Naturals" and even has this small hand sign logo that says "handmade".

The treats are indeed crunchy but that's not the crunch time I am referring to.

It is time to review the product prices.

TREATS - The recommended retail price for the treats primarily range from $14.00 to $19.50 (SGD) for most of the treats with the exception of the 'Green Lipped Mussels' and 'Spare Ribs' which cost a whopping $39.00 for a bag of 125g and a bag of 500g respectively (the 200g spare ribs is priced at $39.00).

Comparative to the Basic Instinct range of treats which are also 100% natural from New Zealand, these ZEAL treats are slightly costlier and well, I love both treats. So perhaps... could I safely say the added cost is for Zeal's snazzier packaging which mummy admits she uber loves? ๐Ÿ˜

Consult the dogs and we will say, "We don't really care.  Both are equally yummy and if we had the choice, the human does not even need to re-seal it. We will empty the contents, pronto!"

LACTOSE-FREE MILK - Now this one got our greedy jaws dropping.

Mummy announced, "Boys... this milk costs $4.90 for 380ml and $7.90 for 1L. Okay, enjoy it this one time. You can continue sharing milk with me."

But to be fair, the soya-bean smelling milk does smell pretty darn nice and we did enjoy our drink very very much.

Ah well!  At least we got to try it!


*Please note that the prices stated are indicative only. It can vary according to each retailer.

So.. conclusively, will stingy mummy buy Zeal products for us?

I can keep dreaming about the milk 'coz I doubt mummy will pay for that since we are not lactose-intolerant. Milk is only given as a treat and well... whenever I con grandma by showing her the refrigerator.

The treats, however, she admitted that as much as she was a bit embarrassed coming home with that loot did end up coming in very useful for reasons I shall not disclose.


Oh please mum, what's there to be embarrassed about?

Free treats!

Frodo and I will never ever complain and I will even happily help carry our treats home!

Look mum! The spare ribs can even double up as a hat! Fashion statement of the year. More Zeal Treats please!
You should see Frodo and my response the minute mummy opens ANY bag of the Zeal Treats. We HAVE to tell her that we do love the treats and she should get more for us... even though I think the current loot will last for a long time.

Consult the dog, it is YES treats and YES milk.

Consult the mama and it is, YES treats, NO milk.

"Frodo Choo! You turn to go earn some money so we can feed our milk addiction!"

*Frodo shakes his butt*
*Frodo gives stupid face*
*Frodo disappears*


Treats it shall be.