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Doh-AH! The One Hit Wonder

The other day....
Mummy and Flapper sat me down.
They wanted to have a serious talk with me.
I pretended I was listening....

"Oh lookie! That's Fluffy at the corner. I want to go slobber him!", I thought to myself.

Oh yes, I am having a oh-so-serious meeting with mummy and Flapper.

Frodo! you got to make yourself more useful and start writing your own stories! I bolted off.
Needed to slobber Fluffy.

What's the meaning of useful again?
Never heard of it.
Don't know it.
Don't wanna know it.

I stick toys in Flapper's mouth, I irritate him till he plays with me, I insist that the toy in his mouth is the one I want, I slobber Fluffy, I annoy both Fluffy and Frappe, I smack my tail at mummy's and daddy's face, I step all over Flapper... AND!  I make grandpa a very happy man.

That's useful.... no?

So mummy wrote in the last post about my genius brother's brain.
Yes, yes, he is the smarty pants of the family.
He catches all the balls.
He figu…

Picking on Flapper's Brains

Hello everyone.

This is Flapper's mummy, familiarly known to be THE bias mummy who loves Flapper most. I won't deny it. Flapper will always hold that very special place in my heart.

You see, Dumbo is the king with the entire Choo family while Frodo just goofily barges his way into everyone else's heart - especially Grandpa (read Everybody Loves Frodo). Pebbles is the apple of daddy's eyes.

So Flapper, despite being Mr Popular, is not that well-loved in his personal life.  Flapper is just plain stoic which some consider boring.  Unlike his highly-animated and attention-seeking brother, Flapper is chilled.  Very chilled.  He is, in human terms, at peace with himself.

Give Flapper attention, great!
He will turn sideways and show the appreciation for belly rubs.

Give attention to Frodo.
That's fine too.
He will just go relax at one corner on his own.

Well... okay, until food is present.  He will be the first to report attendance with a nice sit and that million…