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The Making Of.... - FDR vs HDR

Dear Christmas Fairy,

As you can see from my videos and photos from the "Baking Lesson at Barkery" post , Frodo and I had a pawsitively greedy time at Barkery.

I was so excited to show-and-tell, I did not get a chance to talk about my fabulous toy that captured all those wonderfully greedy moments - my Sony Action Cam!

Since the launch of Sony's shopping perks, I have been asked a couple of times about the difference between the HDR-AS300 and FDR-X3000 (the one I have) - other than the obvious fact that the HDR-AS300 is cheaper by SGD200.00.  And as far as my blonde brains can process, FDR-X3000 can do up to 4K recording wheras the HDR-AS300 is can only do HD recording.

Both cameras look and weigh exactly the same.  And truth be told, I have only ever used the FDR-series of cameras!  Like the GoPro cameras, to put it simply, it is the 'atas' (high-class) and 'not-so-atas' choice of cameras.  Don't we all like 'atas' but at SGD799.00 for atas,…

X'mas Special: Baking Lesson at The Barkery Singapore

14 November 2016
Rainy.  Very very rainy.

Dear Christmas Fairy,

Birthday Fairy has gone into hiding.  I tried calling her but her voicemail was on, telling me to find you instead.  Oh bother!  Birthday and Christmas.... isn't it the same?  Maybe I should just have one fairy called the Food Fairy.

Anywoof!  I woke up extra early this morning because I was super excited.  I was going for my baking lesson with The Barkery Singapore!  It has been more than a year since my last cooking lesson with them and I've missed it so so much!

You see, mummy bugged me about our Christmas plans and asked me to think about what food we should cook.  Erm, mum... seriously?  Even that has to be my responsibility?  When does Frodo start doing something useful?

Mummy said, "Frodo will assist you."

I glared at mummy.  Are you kidding me?  Frodo assist?  I'll be grateful if he does not make a mess and being Frodo as Frodo is, I will probably have to serve him.


I started flippin…

SmartPult (Ball Launcher) Review

This is my first and very belated review for Petvoq's range of snazzy toys.  Don't blame me.  I am only but a dog who loves his toys.  I pretend that the review slipped my mind but unashamedly playing with my new Smartpult, otherwise known as the ball launcher, on the pretext of #LABtesting it.

Such a terrible liar, I am.

And since I have been such a bad boy overindulging in my most favourite toy, which also explains why it is the first Petvoq product I am reviewing, I shall TRY to make this review sound and look as professional as possible.

Let's begin with a video demostration done by me on....

How The SmartPult Works

It's quite easy really.
Wait for the ball to fire - there are three shooting range you can select from - 3/6/8 metres.Catch the ball!  It is okay to miss it.  The fun of this can simply be brainless fetching of the ball.Put ball back into the Smartpult.Wait for treat to be dispensed.Repeat from step 1 again and again and again and again and again.....