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Sunday night.
16th July 2017.
Singapore time.

There was a mad flurry of panic in the room as the humans tried to get a working live stream of the Wimbledon Finals. Before I knew it, Federer was two sets up.

"Me thinks. The match will be over by the time we manage to get a live stream", mummy joked.

You see, mummy has been a fan of Federer since her days as a vagabond. Those were the days before I was even born into planet earth - as a dog. A blonde dog. So the cliché goes that "Age is only a number" but the reality is, age is everything. No one really cares for talent or the 'has been'. One's value only lasts for as long as the word 'Senior' has not hit home. And in the tennis world, in a very crude way of saying, one has surely recognised Federer as being over the hill and way past his prime of being the people's champion.

Age is cruel. The body recovers slower. Limbs get creakier. One's movement slows down. Reduced hands-eyes co-ordin…