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The Sony XPERIAnce Continues (Part 1) - Of Autofocus Burst and iPhone vs Xperia XZ1 Burst Mode #LAB-Test

Six months past when I first laid my paws on the Sony Xperia XZs and after much bonding time with that trusted phone, boom! Sony Mobile released the XZ1 - I call it the upgraded version of XZs.

I forget how fast technology moves.
A little too fast for old man me.

I am a tech-dinosaur, remember? 😏

For those who read my 'Top 10 Sony XPERIAnce' Part 1 and 2, it was clear that I am now a big fanboy of Sony Xperia phones. Before March this year, I was still a hard core user of the iPhone. And from being an absolute anti-Android user, I have been converted. Thank you Sony Mobile. Now I live in trepidation of my future without Xperia.

Drama becomes of me.
I learnt it from Frodo Choo.

Dear phone-a-holic anonymous,  I am addicted to my Sony Xperia phones. xxoo Flapper Choo

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