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9 Promises to Flapper

Flapper is now officially 9 years young.

With this, it marks the end of his three months campaign for Sony Action Cam.  It has been a memorable and meaningful journey.  I am so glad that we have been given this opportunity to create and experience new adventures and most of all, end it off with style - Flapper's Birthday Celebration.

The last time Flapper had a big birthday celebration was way back when he was 4.  That was a grand party with 30 of his furry pals.  They came pretty/handsome and went home... absolutely muddy.  Such fun memories!

Since then, unforeseen circumstances led to futile birthday plans every year.  Like the Chinese saying goes, 不同狗,不同命。

Different dog, different life.
Luck is a given for Frodo.
Luck is hard-earned for Flapper.

So this year, I was determined to make something happen.
It HAS to happen.
It WILL happen.

Flapper really deserves a good birthday celebration this year... more than what anyone would ever know or realise.

So when we were first appro…

Jeep Experience Road Trip

As I am writing this article of my magnificent and once in a lifetime road trip on the Jeep Wrangler Sahara while hiding from the ridonculous haze, it is happy 9th birthday to me!

Yes, my friends.  I, Flapper Choo, am officially 9 years old.  I feel proud that despite my wise age, I am fit, healthy and able to carry out these wonderful adventures.

Oh yes!  Have you seen the freshly released Action Cam microsite?

Released just in time for birthday!  Woohoo!

From learning new tricks to exploring exciting new terrains, there is nothing our celebrity dog Flapper, Sony's Action Cam Key Opinion Leader can’t do! #SonyActionCam #SonyProveYourself
Posted by Sony Singapore on Friday, 25 September 2015

How the Jeep Experience Road Trip Happened

I have always dreamt of those cross-country drives, visiting different cities and different towns.  Reality check.  Singapore is Singapore.  A city.  A town.  A country.  All in one.  But there is no rule book that says I cannot imagine myself doing a…

MY Liver Chips FLAPS-jack

I am very happy (and proud) to announce that I, Flapper Choo, finally have a food named after me - "Liver Chips FLAPS-jack".

Did you know....

As part of this Sony's "Prove Yourself"campaign, mummy has made 9 promises to me for my 9th birthday?

Mummy calls it, "9 promises to Flapper".

I am not revealing what all the 9 promises are.
You will have to wait till the end of the campaign to find out!

This food promise...


And so...

I approached my wonderful (and spoiling) sponsor, The Barkery Singapore / Balto Pets if they could help fulfil this promise.

Did you know II:
Frodo is the current face of The Barkery Singapore.

Did you know III:
Frodo and I are the faces for Lactogold Probiotics?

Then I....
Asked for permission if I could invade their kitchen for a day to be a Sous Chef.

Then I...
Posed this challenge:

To create a new food/cake using my favourite ingredients - LIVER and MILK - and asked if they could name it after me.
I mean how hard can using …

Lactogold Probiotics Review

When Balto Pets Essentials first approached me to be the 'spokesdog' for Lactogold Probiotics, truth be told, mummy was very skeptical about it.  Mummy is not a big believer or fan of adding supplement(s) to our current diet unless really necessary.  She also believes that for any supplement and/or food that any of us (dogs and/or cats) represent, it has to be beneficial for all my other furry friends and not just endorsing it for the sake of some sponsorship or monetary reasons.

Here is mummy's rationale: "Probiotics?  I might as well just buy natural yoghurt."
But okay, mummy is probably too lazy to even get to the supermarket to buy us the yoghurt (we LOVE yoghurts!) unless for a special treat.
There you go.
Mummy cares a lot about us but she is the "do what is necessary" type over the "overindulgent" type.
So before mummy said 'yes' to starting us on Lactogold Probiotics, she spent hours talking to Auntie Elizabeth and Ann Marie t…

Action Cam: Top 8 Tips and Tricks

Hello everyone!

I am Flapper's mummy aka his ghostwriter. We are now halfway through his wonderful campaign with Sony Action Cam’s 'Prove Yourself: Take your adventures to new heights' campaign, and it is time for some tips and tricks on this awesome 4K Action Cam, the FDR-X1000VR.

Before I begin, I would just like to say that I am so grateful and blessed to have been given this opportunity to run this campaign with and for Flapper. I lost count of the years I've yearned for a POV camera to use on Flapper. I have always wanted to pick on his rocket scientist brains to see what he sees and most importantly, to record his moments.

And so far, I am absolutely loving the Action Cam, and I am saying that not because they have kindly sponsored Flapper with his own snazzy little camera but I REALLY TRULY LOVE the camera.

I love that it is user-friendly (easy-to-use).I love that the camera does not disappoint - love the quality and clarity of the videos.I love that it comes wi…