Visiting My First Skool

26 August 2015

Happy day.
Very happy day.

I was invited by Principal Gillian to be a special guest to interact with a group of very adorable four year old children at My First Skool AMK 6.

I was delighted and honoured by the invitation and the timing was perfect.  From the start when we received the brief for this Sony campaign, I told mama, "we need to go visit a school or home!  I miss doing this work."

I love community projects.

I love working with mummy to serve humans.
I love to be bring joy to people.
I love to bring joy to little children.

I want to spread the message that dogs can contribute to the community.

Mummy said, "Of course, Flapper! It's a must!"

We met with a couple of deadends along the way.  You know. Our country and dogs.. need I say more?  We thought perhaps this activity was not going to happen within this campaign and felt a little bummed.

You can imagine my delight when Principal messaged to ask me to be a special guest at her lovely school.  I immediately said, "Yeeessssss! I will definitely be there!  Thank you for inviting me!"

This activity may not be as high action as bush-diving or learning to go underwater, but it is one that holds great significance to me and I am so happy I got the opportunity to capture it on my Action Cam 4K.... and all that happy faces from my POV!

Did you know... I have "eyes" behind of me too?  Ha!

I will let you watch the video to find out what I got up to with these super adorable chilren.

This is my full 'unofficial' video for Sony Action Cam.
You can watch the official (short) version here.

As you can see from the video, the visit to My First Skool was a hit with those cute little four years old preschool children.  They loved me as much as I loved them.  Apologies to all the other classes of children that I could not spend time with you.  Maybe next time!

I was very impressed with My First Skool AMK 6 and it isn't because they allowed me to be there how well the teachers (and Principal Gillian) managed the children.  Mummy spent some time catching up with Principal Gillian and it was touching to hear her passion for the children and the school but her stand and beliefs about quality education that goes beyond textbooks.  Love.

The teachers were nice, warm and friendly too.  They greeted me with big smiles and were very encouraging to the children to pat me.  The teacher-in-charge (sorry Miss, I forgot I your name. :/) diligently prepped the children the days leading up to my visit.  She showed them my photos and videos from Facebook.

AND!  Did you see that gorgeous dog-shaped photo collage she painstakingly printed my photos, laminated it and put it together with the children.


I love that they have a little Pet Corner and I love that learning to care for animals are part of the curriculum.

I love that the kids are NOT unruly and the little chants the children response with as the teacher lyrically tell them to sit down and cross their legs.

I love that the teacher had taught them how to be nice to dogs and even told them that dogs cannot eat chocolates!  And soooo... the children did not want to let me fetch the chocolate gift they had prepared because 'dogs cannot eat chocolates'.  But mummy assured them that I will not eat the chocolate before they finally allowed to receive the gift.

How adorable is that?!?!?!?!

Yes, yes, I am in love with the children of My First Skool.

As much as I brought them much joy and laughter, they made me a very happy boy too.

Activity Rating:

Using Sony Action Cam 4K

For this Sony campaign, I try to feature different activities/adventures that show different aspects of what Sony Action Cam 4K is capable of.  So apart from the action-pact running, jumping and swimming videos, I think my visit to My First Skool features how fun and awesome owning a POV cameras can be.

As this activity is not 'high-action', my main focus was capturing the interactions, the children's response, the children's expressions and most importantly, my point-of-view as well.

So for this activity, we stuck to our 'default sweet-spot' camera setting for both cameras - one handheld by Uncle Nic and the other, I proudly wore.

Halfway through the outing and I 'grew eyes behind me'.  Genius Uncle Nic turned my camera around to capture the POV behind me.

How smart is that?

*clap clap Uncle Nic*

Two hours later (yes!  the battery lasted for two whole hours!) and I am in trouble.  There are so many heartwarming and awesome footage, I faced big problem deciding what goes and what stays.

I spent days editing the video with mummy and the children's laughter was contagious.  Mummy could not stop smiling and giggling.  The kids are way too adorable.

That is the beauty of owning a POV camera - capturing moments that is otherwise forgotten or missed.

Action Cam 4K rating for this activity

  • Principal Gillian for inviting me to be THE special guest to your lovely students.
  • Teacher Adelina for the wonderful work done with the children in preparing them for my visit.... and that gorgeous handmade collage board, bone and chocolate for mummy.    And Teacher Ade for being there with the children and loving me.
  • The CHILDREN for being so fun, loving, spontaneous and just for being yourselves.
  • The parents for allowing your children to participate and be featured in my video.
  • The management of My First Skool for allowing us to photograph and video this event.
  • Sony Singapore for choosing me to be an influencer for the Action Cam and for the Action Cam itself.
  • A special anonymous lady (you know who you are) from WE Communications for entertaining mummy's nonsensical messages.
  • My sleep buddy and photographer, Uncle Nic, for being with me on this journey.  Without you, I would not have good videos and gorgeous photos.

All photos by Nicholas Lee, Furry Photos Pet Photography

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