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That Brotherly Bond

It's been a crazy few months and yes, the human me, does have to work even though I wish otherwise some times just so that I can spend more time with the boys.  Not that I hate my job.  On the contrary, I love my work.  Maybe more than I should.

As most of Flapper's (and Frodo's) fans know by now, 'Uncle Nic' is a close fur-mily friend.  Apart from being the boys' photographer, who has captured many of their priceless moments,  he is one of the few humans that Flapper has grown very attached to.

You see, Flapper is.... unlike his shameless, self-centred and attention-seeking younger brother.... affectionate in his own quiet little ways.  He is not needy.  So it is always heartwarming for me, the human mummy, to see him quietly snuggle up to Nic every time they meet.  And it is evident to see his loyal affection for Nic because he will still choose to stick close to Nic even if there are other humans around.

Even though Flapper first met Nic way back in 2010, bu…

A Weighty Issue

Before you think this some write-up about dog weight issues, I assure it is not.
It is, literally, about weights.
You know, those dumbbell weights? A particular 5 kg dumbbell.
True story.
Uncle Nic came to visit the other day.  We, Frodo and I, have missed him dearly.  He was away for.... ever.

While mummy was busy sewing God-knows-what on the sewing machine, Uncle Nic spotted a dumbbell and got inspired to take some photos of Frodo holding a dumbbell for Auntie Daphne, who had weightlifting competition the next day.  Encouragement, he wanted to give.
Mummy chuckled. I rolled my eyes.
Mummy: "Frodo?  Hold something?  Suurrreeeeeeeeeeeee (sarcastically).  You can try.  He can do it... sometimes.  Please!  Feel free to do whatever you want.... but you probably have [only] one shot with him."
Uncle Nic: "Do you think he can put his head down on the dumbbell?"
Mummy laughed.
Mummy: "Well, he does know 'head-down' but let&…