A Weighty Issue

Before you think this some write-up about dog weight issues, I assure it is not.

It is, literally, about weights.

You know, those dumbbell weights?
A particular 5 kg dumbbell.

True story.

Uncle Nic came to visit the other day.  We, Frodo and I, have missed him dearly.  He was away for.... ever.

While mummy was busy sewing God-knows-what on the sewing machine, Uncle Nic spotted a dumbbell and got inspired to take some photos of Frodo holding a dumbbell for Auntie Daphne, who had weightlifting competition the next day.  Encouragement, he wanted to give.

Yes, Frodo.

Mummy chuckled.
I rolled my eyes.

Mummy: "Frodo?  Hold something?  Suurrreeeeeeeeeeeee (sarcastically).  You can try.  He can do it... sometimes.  Please!  Feel free to do whatever you want.... but you probably have [only] one shot with him."

Uncle Nic: "Do you think he can put his head down on the dumbbell?"

Mummy laughed.

Mummy: "Well, he does know 'head-down' but let's see if he'll do it for you."

Then mummy remembered.

Mummy: "There's a toy dumbbell somewhere.  Try searching the boxes."

Uncle Nic could not find it so he decided to work on THAT 5 kg dumbbell.

Just because.... Uncle Nic thinks Frodo is a dumbbell.
Frodo: "Are you kidding me?  Do you know how much hard work it is to carry this?"

Uncle Nic came back to the room and told Mummy happily, "I managed to get Frodo to do a head down!"  (notice the singularity)

Mummy laughed.

Mummy stopped sewing and went digging for that toy dumbbell again and finally found it.

Mummy: "Found it!  Let's try.  But remember... most likely, one shot."

Frodo: "Okay Uncle Nic... you have this one shot. Make good use of it!"

Frodo: "Nicer to chew than to carry it."

Almost customary, Uncle Nic did a courtesy shot of me carrying the toy dumbbell. 
That's just for mummy's keep.

Uncle Nic: "Do you think Flapper can carry this?" (pointing at the real dumbbell)

Mummy: "I think so.  I think I may have tried it before but I cannot remember.  Maybe yes, may no.... I don't know."

Mummy looked at me.

Mummy: "Flapper, go fetch."

No problem!
Easy peasy.

I picked up the weight and dropped it.

Uncle Nic: "Maybe it's too heavy for him."

Mummy: "Hmmm... shouldn't be.  I think he's done it before.  Let me try again.  Flapper... go fetch."

I picked up the weight, walked to Uncle Nic and casually gave it to him (he was holding the treat.  duh!).

And because I made it look so easy, mummy decided to ask me to fetch that 5 kg dumbbell again.

This time, I decided to casually bring it to mummy instead.

And because I made it look effortless, mummy casually stretched her hand out to take the dumbbell from me.

"Ouch!  What the....", mummy bellowed as the unexpected weight shocked her and she ended up hitting her little pinky with it.

Her beady eyes opened wide as she glared at Uncle Nic.

"But he (me, Flapper Choo) made it look so light!", mummy groaning and lamenting over her hurting pinky.

"I know!  I got it too when he gave it to me just now!", Uncle Nic jested.

I left mummy in a state of disbelief as she continued to stare at me while massaging her finger.

I, Flapper Choo, won.

Muuuummmyyyy.... got tricked.
By me.

So you get an idea....
THAT 5 kg weight may be small in size,  but is actually heavier than my sister Pebbles.

Pebbles, miniature schnauzer (possibly nano schnauzer) - second from left, - weighs 4.5 kg.

A few days passed and mummy still could not get over this 5 kg weighty issue.

So she decided to do a quick video of me carrying the weight.... to prove the validity of her story.

So mummy says, "Don't mess with Flapper Choo."

Weights training with me... anyone?

(All photos by the one and only Uncle Nic of Furry Photos Pet Photography)

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