Life Begins [again] at 9-ish... 10

Before I begin my this new chapter of write-ups, here is a big fat congratulations to our new national hero, Joseph Schooling, for winning that elusive Gold medal for Singapore.  And not just winning that Gold medal, but setting a new Olympic record as well.

Mummy was secretly rooting for Phelps.  Like how she has been rooting for Federer's elusive 18th grand slam title, she was romanticising for the 'old man' to win the Gold medal and retire in a glorious fashion.  You see, not that Federer and Phelps are old.  But the life span of sports is akin to the life span of dogs.  With how high impact sports have become, ten years later and he/she is considered "over the hill".  Ten years for a dog and one is known as "old man", "grandpa" and "uncle".  That's me, Flapper Choo.

Congratulations to Joseph Schooling for that eponymous heroic win!  So mummy says, Frodo and I represent the Schooling vs Phelps / Djokovic vs Federer era.  Maybe it's time for me to hang up my goggles and tennis balls... and pass it on to Frodo?

It was purely a romantic choice of 'old' versus 'young', nothing to do with patriotism. Either way, a hero emerges from the outcome.  And the hero this time was Schooling.  Much kudos for his amazing feat and the goosebumps-raising (in a good way) and emotional interviews with his parents.  This interview - "How we got that NS deferment: A parents story" - served as a cruel reminder on just how every damn thing out of the norm is a battle.  Total respect to the Schoolings for their perseverance and determination.  This Gold medal was well-deserved and certainly hard-earned.  KUDOS!

That eponymous olympic moment is symbolic as I reflected upon... life (in general).  I have to confess.  The first half of this year was... bland, boring monotonous, stale, characterless etc.  The list of adjectives goes on.

One day, I overheard mummy telling my faithful girlfriend as she chuckled heartily,

Flapper is now a "has-been". 

Okay, life was not all that boring.  I had Uncle Nic.  He came up with this idea of #lab-testing (camera testing with Lab-radors) with us so we met up almost every week for excursions while Uncle Nic tested new cameras.

#Lab-Testing with Uncle Nic.  Life is always fun with our crazy photographer who has yet to name his belly.

We cannot complain.

These #lab-tests are fun and of course, the best part... Uncle Nic sends us many many photos after each excursion.  I planned to write a couple of stories but.... *glares at ghostwriter*

Then came July.  Just when I thought my life was becoming a bit of a snooze fest, God decided to sprinkle my life with a touch of magic dust and viola!

Mr Has-Been has become Mr Happening.

My part-time manager aka ghostwriter aka mummy had to plan for my meetings with new collaborators/sponsors, my filming schedule, my annual health hooha,my upcoming events and most of all, my upcoming grand 10th birthday.

Behind-the-scenes - Me in my cameo role with.... can you guess who?

Mummy looked up at the skies above and laughed.  She said to God, "When you told me to let go and new things will come, I was not expecting THAT MANY THINGS!"

Just as what my new BFF said when she saw me praying, "Flapper looks like he has very long prayer request".

Maybe I do.  That's my little secret between the great man above and myself.  Even mummy doesn't know what our conversations are about.

My life is just beginning again... at 9-ish... 10.

As mummy would fondly say these days:

Uncle Flapper is running the last leg of his life.  For how many more years?  I have no idea.  I count my blessings for every day I have with him and that he is still health and active right now.

Looks like I won't be hanging up my tennis balls and goggles anytime soon.

So... don't write me out yet.

Say goodbye to Mr Has-Been.

I, Flapper Choo, am back!

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