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Big Life Moments, Small Life Moments... They Are Always There With Us

Paws up to those who agrees that a birthday ain't a birthday without indulging in this thing filled wholesome goodness packed-with-real-meat-and-natural-ingredients called CAKE?

I know I do!  Frodo, Dumbo and Pebbles too!  You cannot fight our doggie instinct when it comes to our meat and food.

Apart from Uncle Nic, this sponsorship and collaboration with The Barkery Singapore is one that I treasure loads.  Since we started our sponsorship with them in 2015, they have become a HUGE part of our lives.  They never fail to be a part of our life moments - from Chinese New Year cakes to Birthdays... they are always there with us.

They are always spontaneous in helping me with my video ideas.  They open up their kitchen, create new recipes for me and allows me to be Sous Chef.

The Barkery Singapore is the first pet bakery in Singapore and as mentioned earlier, they are very ethical in their business practice.  They are AVA licensed which also means they have to allow kitchen inspections.  They use only fresh products, no preservatives, no artificial colourings or artificial whatever.


Because of all the freshness and goodness, their cakes will not withstand the test of our
country's humidity.  It will turn bad pretty fast without refrigeration.  That is truly how fresh their ingredients are!

And that's why I love them.

Mummy never has to worry about what they put into the cake.  She trusts them 100% to only use the best and freshest ingredients for us.  They will not compromise on the food quality.

Of course.... then comes their yummilicious treats that is also made of the real stuff.  Did I ever mention Bark Kwa is my favourite though the humans vote Chickadee because it is a yummy beer snack.  Then the humans
forget to give us some chickadees....

Here comes the moment of truth:  Frodo is the face for Barkery, not me.

While discussing about Lactogold Probiotics, I teased and said, "Buy one get one free.  I let you use Frodo... for free!"

Yep! Mister Universe, Frodo Choo, is the official face of Barkery!

It has been concurred I have that serious/matured face for the serious product like Probiotics while my immature but very adorable brother, Frodo, has the perfect face for Barkery's range of snacks.

Frodo did not disappoint.

But the wonderful people at Barkery Singapore are very fair. They give one, they give all.

We are truly blessed to have The Barkery Singapore as one of my sponsors because without them, our birthdays would not be that much more special without their well-thought out and designed cakes.  My Sony Action Cam campaign would be less meaningful without their spontaneous participations.

Thank you Barkery!  We love you!
- xxoo Flapper, Frodo, Pebbles, Dumbo, Fluffy and Frappe

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