Kohepets first approached us, Frodo and I, back in November 2016. I paw-sed to ponder for a long long time. You see, after our long-awaited sponsorship from Wellness Pet Food aka Silversky Pets came to fruition last August (2016), I was elated and content. I happily told Frodo, "Bro, this is it! We have Barkery covering our birthday cakes and Probiotics, Petvoq on those smart toys, Silversky on our staple food.... and of course, Uncle Nic for our photos!"

Kohepets is an online pet store which means they carry many many MANY products/brands = potential conflict of interest with our current collaborators/sponsors.  Frodo and I are not 'pasar malam' (flea market) style or 'anything free we take'. So at that point of time, I did not know how or what we could collaborate with Kohepets. It was like... taking on an entire supermarket or department store! *guffaw*

However, a Miss U was very very patient with me and understood my apprehension. I was very ready to say 'no' but I could sense her sincerity in wanting to work with us so I asked her to give me some time to ponder... and comb through their online store to see if there's anything we could work with.

💡 Did you know...
Kohepets is the only pet store (as of now) that carries the products of the brands I work with... except Sony Action Cam.

Dilemma, it was.

I looked at Frodo and asked him, "Bro... What should we do for Kohepets?"

Frodo shook his infamous face-slapping butt and replied, "I don't care! Come play with me! Play! Play!"

Oh Frodo!

Hang on....

Me thinks.... Frodo and I could safely be Toy Testers for Kohepets - even though we are already collaborating with Petvoq on their toys. We will just need to be careful to select toys that do not conflict with their product type.

It only took four months before we came to common agreement and as of March 2017, Frodo and I became the official 'Toy Testers' for Kohepets.

Our Toy Testing Journey With Kohepets