Balto Pet - Lactogold Probiotics

For Added Goodness To Our Health

It all began in February 2015....

I must confess that this sponsorship took quite a bit of convincing from Balto Pets aka The Barkery Singapore to have mummy decide to put us on it.

If you read our The Pursuit of Wellness (Part 1) article, you will realize that mummy is not a fan of adding supplements to our diet unless necessary or as indicated by the vet.

Okay... and mummy is darn lazy too.  She ALWAYS forgets to add these extras into our food.  Gosh, mum!

After sending mummy research articles to read, mummy was somewhat unconvinced if she really needs to add it to Frodo and my diet since we are systemically well.  Adding probiotics to one's diet was not only a growing trend amongst the furries but humans too.  Mummy was aware of its health benefits and she could see it benefiting skin-problem-laden Pebbles and Dumbo's disgusting ears but for Frodo and me?  She had her reservations.

So she decided to consult her trusted advisor who took a neutral stand but also highlighted that it would benefit Pebbles and Dumbo.  Mummy took a while to mull over this decision. She had already known the ladies at Barkery for quite a while and know that they are ethical in their business approach.  They are always seeking to understand and develop new holistic products for pets which she respects even though she may not subscribe wholeheartedly to the holistic approach.

Mummy finally decided to take on this sponsorship on as adding Probiotics is a supplement is harmless and if anything, it could prove to be beneficial in the long run.

A beneficial supplement to boost digestive system and immune system.

And well, no regrets.  They very kindly sponsored not just Frodo and I but for my entire furry troop including Dumbo Choo.  That's how much they believe in this probiotics and its benefical properties for ALL pets.

My entire brood of furry siblings (including the cats) and me just because they believe it is beneficial for all pets.

And you can see from the photoshoot we did with them, it is not just able added supplements but encouraging healthy lifestyles for dogs!

We love them.

Best product photoshoot ever.

Just go to Barkery's website to find out more about this Lactogold Probiotics.