Collaborators & Sponsors

As of September 2016 and being an honourable age of 10, I am so happy to announce that I, Uncle Flapper Choo, have got these wonderful collaborators under my blonde forever-hungry belly.

Many people think I got lucky because I am a so-called "celebrity dog" but I can tell you honestly securing these collaborators comes with a lot of hard work... and yes, I cannot deny a stroke of luck too.  Not every doggie is lucky enough to have his life requirements covered quite comprehensively.

The MOST frequently asked question, which is also my personal pet peeve, is.... "Do you get paid?" or "How much do you get paid?" or... not even a question but matter-of-factly, "You must get paid very well".

So let me set the record straight now.  Pawbassador, unlike human ambassador, rarely get paid.  Yes, if I am asked to do commercial shoots, I do get paid.  But for these sponsorships and/or collaborations, on can keep dreaming about being a millionaire pup.

Then I get asked, "Why do you bother to do it then?"

That is the cruel truth, isn't it?  Why isn't pawbassadors paid the way humans are paid?  *guffaw*

Does anyone really know how much work goes into each collaboration?  I have to make it seem fun and effortless... and like I'm the luckiest pup in the whole wide world for having these opportunities.  And yes, I do have deadlines too which means my Type-A mama whose promise is golden, will make sure we fulfil my commitments 100% and beyond.

And perhaps because she is "Type-A" thus she digs the challenges.  I don't know.  As I always say, my mum is slightly... if not, mostly.... mad.

So then why are these collaboration still so important to me?

Because... for each collaboration/sponsor I have in my life, it covers different aspects of a doggie's life.  It is brands that I have tried, tested, love and trust but most importantly, they do not expect outright Flapper-Marketing but do believe in providing value to a dog's life - or should I say, human's life?

Because I have the moral responsibility of ensuring that I only recommend good things as what is now commonly as "an influencer", mummy reminds me constantly that the brands I work with have to be products/services that I strongly believe in and I know will benefit others who may choose to follow - even if it is that one doggie.

Bottomline is, these collaborators are in my life because they contribute to who I am at 10 years old AND they help create what is now known as "Flapper Life Moments".