You Can Never Burn The Physical Energy But You Can Burn The Mental Energy

Once upon a time in 2016, I met the wonderful folks of Petvoq at the ABC Media Preview.  They were introducing their Easy Feed which was, well, interesting but okay, I did not think much of it UNTIL I was about to go for my secret getaway and realized, "Holy crap!  Need to feed the cats!  That Easy Feed would be sort the problem!".

That was the moment of epiphany when I found new-found respect for the technological toys and lifestyle products they produce.

Happy product testers of the fabulous SmartPult!
Anywoof, one day I was very bored after the event and I decided to go snoop at Petvoq's website to see what nifty toys they may have.  The Smartpult caught my eye.  O.M.G.!  I have always wanted a ball-launcher and this very smart pult has a treat dispenser as well!

Tennis ball + Treat?

Yes furrrr-lease!
I want one of those.

So I begged mama to ask Petvoq if I could be toy-tester.  I love their toys!  I showed mummy their website.  Mummy smiled and agreed that they create good toys - not only engaging but she loves that it is well thought out with the treat dispenser which promotes reward-based training.

My snazzy toys from Petvoq to test!
Product-Testing is very serious business.
Not only can their toys, especially the SmartPult,

"Okay Flapper!  You may ask Petvoq if you could be their product-tester.  But don't hold your
hopes too high, they may say no."

I gleefully contacted this wonderful lady called Maye.  She is super nice and she agreed to a collaboration with me as the product-tester while Frodo only needs to act cute and make the toy look fun!

Before I knew it, Maye sent down to me the prototypes of Smartpult and Easy Paw (paw washer) for me to test!

And next thing I knew, I returned the prototypes and received a HUGE box of Petvoq's actual products JUST BEFORE MY 10th  BIRTHDAY!


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