Sony Action Cam

I started as a Key Option Leader (KOL) for Sony Action Cam in 2015 for the FDR-X1000V.  I never in my wildest imagination thought I'd be collaborating with a name like Sony and most of all, finally own a Point-of-View (POV) Camera that has been on my wishlist for many many years.

How it works is I run a 3-months long campaign, creating new adventures and document it using the Sony Action Cam.  I am given a small budget to run the activities - and I mean SMALL.  *guffaw*.  As the camera says, it focuses a lot on ACTION and it gets my adrenaline going.

Being a KOL for Sony Action Cam, give mummy the perfect excuse to conjuring up new activities for us, crossing out her mental wishlist of how I would want to remember my life.  Let's just call it MY bucket list.

After my hectic and adrenaline-pumping adventures last year's "Prove Yourself: Take Your Adventures To New Heights" campaign with the FDR-X1000V, I thought that was it.  A one-off collaboration with Sony Singapore.

But lo and behold!  I, Uncle Flapper Choo, was invited to run a brand spankin' new 2016 campaign for the amazing FDR-X3000R!  I was wagging my tail with joy.  You see, some times what the human needs is that little bit of motivation to create new life events for us - the dogs.
Seeing the world through my eyes and capturing my
life moments with my Sony Action Cam
After much discussion with the Action Cam team, it was decided that my theme for 2016 will be "Flapper Life Moments", which is a deviation from the human KOLs' theme of travel.  I was adamant that apart from action-adventures, the reasons why any dog owner, like mama, would invest in a POV camera are:
  • To be able to see our (the dogs') point of view = to see what we see;
  • To capture our life moments.
In addition, me hope that with the documentation of my life moments + adventures, will encourage other dog owners to get more active with their precious pooch, go on adventures NOW rather than only when the dog is about to kick the bucket, capture and cherish their dog's life moments and realize what matters most to dogs rather than what they think matters to their dogs.

A dog's life does not have to get boring just because he/she has reached senior years.  It's the senior years that make it all that more precious.  Tick-tock, time is running out.
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So there you go.... if you think it is all about the brand and money, paws for thoughts!  Capturing our life moments and seeing the world through our eyes never fail to amaze and touch mummy how I can still carry out these activities with finesse.

Those moments make mummy forget the how hectic and tiring running these campaigns can be.  These life moments are hers to keep for many years to come.