Wellness Pet Food

Because Good Quality And Balanced Diet Is Quintessential to Good Health

I have been on Wellness Dog Food since 2008 or 2009.

I lost track of time.

Needless to say, Wellness was THE brand I wanted as my food sponsor for many many years.  Fourth time lucky, I finally managed to get the folks at Silversky Pet Products to nod their head - FINALLY!

And not just for me but for my Mister Universe brother, Frodo Choo, as well!

You see, I'm a traditionalist.  I love my Wellness Core.  I love my food.  Ever since mummy switched me to Wellness Pet Food, she never bothered to look at any other brands - perhaps only she wonders if there are cheaper alternatives especially as my family pet 'farm' grew bigger.  But she always chickens out because WE have done very well on our food so she gets scared to switch our food.

And by WE, I mean:
  • Me - Wellness Core since 2008/9 (I have tried the other Core recipes but mummy eventually fixed us on "Core Original");
  • Frodo - Wellness Core Puppy then Wellness Core Original - so literally since he was a pup! = 5 years and counting.
  • Pebbles - Oh boy... the troublesome one.  She joined our troop in 2011 and she was 2 years old.  Thanks to her, we tried an array of Wellness recipes including the 'Simple' range but after correcting her eating habit, she went on 'Core Original' as well. = 5 years.
  • Fluffy and Frappe (the cats!) - Core Original then mummy eventually changed them to Complete Health - Indoor Health. = 7 years.

So you can well-imagine the stress mummy gets whenever she thinks about trying a new brand.  

As the old saying goes,"If it ain't broke, don't fix it".  

That's the adage she lived by whenever she started thinking about switching us out of our Wellness diet.  She decided that she could save a bit of money by switching our food but should anything untoward happens to us, she might just end up spending more money at the vet's.

Collaborating with Silversky thus far has been a pleasant experience.  "Because we are Pawrents too" so they have been involved in our lives in their own little ways including sending me my birthday present before I even arrived at my getaway location!

Rumour has it.... the folks at Silversky are secret Frodo fans, which ain't becoming much of a secret anymore.

The Wellness Pet Food Journey