Flapper And Frodo Play: Tic-Tac-Twirl.... Much A Twirl About Nothing

After testing and playing the Outward Hound Paw Hide puzzle toy, Frodo and I knew exactly the next toy we wanted to test.

Yet another Outward Hound puzzle toy.
It is called Tic Tac Twirl.

The idea of a "tic-tac-toe"toy appealed to us. How cute is that? And in what seems to be Outward Hound's corporate green colour for dog toys with bold colour blocking, the Tic Tac Twirl puzzle toy is no exception. And we love toys that spit treats out!

We bugged mummy to let us test the Outward Hound Tic Tac Twirl puzzle toy now. Like NOW. Pronto!

Frodo and I secretly sniggered behind mummy's back. We knew, in terms of difficulty, this would be an easy-peasy puzzle toy. Easy-peasy that spits treats is even better. Quick access to get food into our stomachs.

Note from mummy:
I would recommend for dog owners to have puzzle toys of different difficulty levels. Dogs learn well with success so the easy-to-win games keep them interested and motivated for the more difficult ones. This will be proven in the boys' final toy review - the Nina Ottosson Dog Finder Interactive Toy  The key idea is that the dogs know that they WILL get the treats - a matter of how.

Back to Flapper and Frodo.

Thank you mummy for that blah.

The concept of the game is really REALLY simple. No rocket scientist game as explained below.


Easy, right?

So we, the dogs, can either use our nose or paw to push that twirling-flap-that-does-not-really-twirl. As shown above, the flap (no pun intended) stays vertical so not all the treats get thrown out. In our colourful imagination, we visualized twirling flaps and flying treats.

But in reality.... when "played right" and the treats do get dispensed....


As seen above, I was actually trying to eat direct from the treats container then by fluke I got the 'jackpot'.

No twirling flaps and flying treats.

Frodo and I decided unanimously that eating straight (free food!) from the treat container was the way to go.

No jackpot needed.


Me thinks.... the humans were more disappointed with the toy than Frodo and I were. We are true-blonde foodies so the easier the access to the food, the happier we are!

Difficulty Level
Flapper: Easy peasy. Just eat direct.

Frodo: Put more treats in... please?

Flapper: Pretty and interesting concept but the not much twirling and flying treats. Disappointed (so mummy says).
Frodo: I do not need to think much! That's good... no?

Is It Worth The Price?

Click on image to view product on Kohepets Pet Shop, Singapore
It is clear that mummy is not keen on this toy and it's much-a-twirl-about-nothing. As per our review of the Outward Hound Paw Hide Puzzle Toy, we are happy with the toy quality. However, based on the lacklustre fun factor of the Outward Hound Tic Tac Twirl Puzzle Toy, I would not be inclined to purchase this toy at SGD33.90.

The toy failed to deliver. Period.

I would rather save that money and get meself a Outward Hound Daypak! *Hint hint Miss U from Kohepets. My birthday is comming soon....*

I spy with my shopping eyes and I see a cool daypak!

Okay... the large one costs SGD65. I don't think mummy will break my doggie-bank anytime soon.

Oops! Sorry! My roving eyes got distracted. So back to the toy....

Flapper: Well, I think the money can be put to better use. Some other toy perhaps... or daypak doggie fund. *guffaw*
Frodo: Because Flapper says so.....

When All Else Fails.....

After the disappointing result of the Outward Hound Tic Tac Twirl puzzle toy test, Uncle Nic and mummy decided... when all else fails, might as well "up" the value of the game a little. They decided to use four different treats, let us sniff first and see which treat we would go for first.

Sorry guys! Mummy lost Frodo's video footage of this test!

And that was about as exciting as our testing with this toy got. Disappointing, it was.

This is perhaps my shortest review ever but a dog (or two) got to be honest, right?

This toy is, really, much-a-twirl-about-nothing.

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