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Flapper the Tourist Walks the Railway Trail

It's the much-anticipated jubilee weekend.  Perfect excuse for well... a long weekend.  This also means it is time for me to unveil my third adventure, my third official video for the Sony campaign.

As part of the campaign, I wanted to do a fun 'Flapper the Tourist' series of me exploring the sights of Singapore leading up to our grand SG50 National Day.  And one thing that I really wanted to do - go on the Singapore Flyer and video the spectacular manmade skyline vision of our country.

I was politely rejected for 'safety reasons'.


Uncle Nic, "Have you tried the railway trail?  It's quite nice."

Then mummy and I recalled the days we used to hang out at Blooie's, staring at the railway track opposite us.   I know, I know... the rail corridor has been there a long time and maybe loads of the other dogs in Singapore have already done this trail.  Better late than never.

We found the Green Corridor website.

And with many thanks…

Testing My New Boat

Running Sony's campaign gets tougher as I go along.   Thinking of 'new heights' in this country is as challenging as challenging may get.

As you may have read briefly in my previous post, I have not been lucky in getting the 'yes' to run some of my new adventures.   Mummy looked at me and said, "It's okay, Flapper.  We can still create our own adventures.  That's what life is all about.  You want something, you create it."

One thing that has always been on my wishlist, is to go one of these boat rides.  Of course not a real boat, silly.  We could never afford that though the thought of being 'Captain Flapper' sounds kind of exciting.  It is one of those inflatable boats from Toys 'R Us.

Note:  NO bed-type inflatables.  I will surely deflate it with my "what big teeth he has".

Thanks to the itsy bitsy budget the Sony Singapore has given me to run my new adventures, I went online to see if there was an inflatable boat I could g…