Testing My New Boat

Running Sony's campaign gets tougher as I go along.   Thinking of 'new heights' in this country is as challenging as challenging may get.

As you may have read briefly in my previous post, I have not been lucky in getting the 'yes' to run some of my new adventures.   Mummy looked at me and said, "It's okay, Flapper.  We can still create our own adventures.  That's what life is all about.  You want something, you create it."

One thing that has always been on my wishlist, is to go one of these boat rides.  Of course not a real boat, silly.  We could never afford that though the thought of being 'Captain Flapper' sounds kind of exciting.  It is one of those inflatable boats from Toys 'R Us.

Note:  NO bed-type inflatables.  I will surely deflate it with my "what big teeth he has".

Thanks to the itsy bitsy budget the Sony Singapore has given me to run my new adventures, I went online to see if there was an inflatable boat I could get.  Most importantly, it has to fit within the budget.  I am trying not to eat into my birthday budget.

Oops!  Did I just let slip that I will be having a birthday celebration?

Lips sealed.
You have to stay tuned to find out more.

And back to the boat hunt....

Click, click, click.

OOhhh lookie!
There's a 2-person boat for only $29.95!
And it takes up to 95 kg.
Frodo and me are 63 kg added together.

Steady pom pi pi!
That will not eat too much into my budget.

First thing first...


Me: "Uncle Nic, want to try some thing at the beach?  I am getting a boat!"

Uncle Nic: "Sounds good!"

(me altered the text slightly)

So off to Toys 'R Us mummy went in her toot-mobile and she started singing, "I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Toys 'R Us kid..."

Oh mummy!

So mummy went to Toys 'R Us intending to buy the 2-seater boat and came back with... the $69.95 3-seater boat!

Check it out!
My new inflatable boat toy!

Sure mum, the more the merrier on the boat and less food for us on my birthday.
Don't you know the importance of food in our (the dogs) life?  *mumble*


Beach adventures are always fun!
(photo credit: Furry Photos Pet Photography)
The day finally came to test this new boat!  I have no idea who was more excited.  The humans or the dogs (Frodo and I).  It is always fun to bring our old adventures to new heights.

We smelt the glorious smell of the luscious sea.  The sound of the waves was calling us.  BUT the humans were so darn slow at pumping up the boat and getting ready, I started whining like a baby.

"Hurry up mum! I want to swwwiiimmmmm!"

The boat was finally inflated but erm well, the humans were not exactly geniuses at rowing the boat.   And as someone on Instagram commented on our boat-abandoning-ways, "Can't keep the labradors away from the water".


"You two (mummy and Uncle Nic)... go figure how to row that boat while weeeeee (Frodo and I) jump boat and go swim.



Testing My New Boat - Final Edit

Hearsay, hearsay....
This is a test before the actual adventure on my birthday.

Hearsay, hearsay...
There is a hole on the boat already.

Hearsay, hearsay....
Uncle Nic dropped the Live Remote Viewer into the sea. *gasp*

Do you think Frodo and I had fun with my new boat?

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