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The Pursuit of Wellness (Part 3) - You Are What You Eat

I have to admit that writing this "Pursuit of Wellness" series has not exactly been pleasurable.  I already miss being the 'ghostwriter' who writes frivolous posts on behalf of Flapper and Frodo.  That's a lot more fun and brainless than trying to discuss some "serious" topic.

I have been spending hours penning down my thoughts for each topic for this series.  Being a brutally honest person who more often than not neglects being 'politically correct', I have to spend a great deal of time typing... then deleting... then typing again... then deleting again.... to find that balance between facts, bias-mama-ism and personal beliefs.

Plus one must not forget with the international phenomenon of Dr Google, any thing said or left unsaid could potentially become controversial and cause a backlash - whatever the intention(s) is/are.

And why am I rambling on about my reluctance about this series?

That is because there are two topics about dog care that I …

The Pursuit of Wellness (Part 2): That Million Dollar Smile

I have to admit I am fixated on nice clean teeth for dogs. Does not have to be sparkling clean but at least not tartar laden.  Perhaps it is my OCD but I get very disturbed when I see dogs with tartar thicker than the depth of blackheads on my face.   There is almost this compulsive urge to jab these dogs with sedative drugs, put on those nitrile glove, start cracking the hideous stack of tartar and start scaling those teeth.

With that said, I am not obsessed enough to brush their teeth every day.  In fact, I don't brush their teeth.  Whenever people ask me about their dental routine, whether I brush their teeth or give them any "dental additives", I would look at them with a grin, "Do I look like I'm that hard working?"

I can already see the vets giving me dirty looks by that confession.

Just for the record....

Daily brushing remains the gold standard to prevent plaque and calculus and slow the progression of periodontal disease. - AVDC Pet Peridontal Dise…

The Pursuit of Wellness (Part 1): Annual Health Screening

When people meet Flapper and Frodo for the first time, I hear compliments about how good they look, their coat condition, they don't smell, Flapper looks good for his age etc.  I would beam with pride until some FAQs will be asked about my care regime for the boys and I would sheepishly reply, "You will be shocked if I tell you how slack I really am with my care regime compared to many other owners.  I don't believe in spoiling them with the unnecessary.  They live by my rules, my schedule - not the other way round.  My care philosophy is simple -

Exercise - for good physical health.Good diet ESPECIALLY good eating habits *roll eyes* - I won't splurge on unnecessary knick knacks for the dogs but I will fork out more for better quality food. (I will discuss on this topic in Part 3)Training/Behaviour - for sound mental health.  It is not about that split second show quality sit, down, stay but to teach self-control, easy management (i.e. Frodo may be loopy and a bit of …

Life Begins [again] at 9-ish... 10

Before I begin my this new chapter of write-ups, here is a big fat congratulations to our new national hero, Joseph Schooling, for winning that elusive Gold medal for Singapore.  And not just winning that Gold medal, but setting a new Olympic record as well.

Mummy was secretly rooting for Phelps.  Like how she has been rooting for Federer's elusive 18th grand slam title, she was romanticising for the 'old man' to win the Gold medal and retire in a glorious fashion.  You see, not that Federer and Phelps are old.  But the life span of sports is akin to the life span of dogs.  With how high impact sports have become, ten years later and he/she is considered "over the hill".  Ten years for a dog and one is known as "old man", "grandpa" and "uncle".  That's me, Flapper Choo.

It was purely a romantic choice of 'old' versus 'young', nothing to do with patriotism. Either way, a hero emerges from the outcome.  And the her…