I am Frodo Choo

Hello everyone!

Or am I suppose to begin with 'Dear Diary'?


My name is Frodo.  
Frodo Choo.
I am otherwise known as that annoying brother of Flapper.
Flapper Choo.


I saw Frappe (the cat).
Had to go slobber her.

So where was I?

Oh yes.
I'm Frodo.
Class clown.

Mummy said I should TRY writing too.
Isn't that like a lot of work?


I saw mummy hugging Flapper.
I had to go barge in.

Hello again.
I'm Frodo.
Resident Ah Beng.

I got to love-love with my beloved grandpa today.
My day is complete.

Do I hear the word 'play'?

Cannot focus.

Gotta dash.



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