Grandpa Loves Me

True story.

Grandpa got a new mobile phone and badgered mummy for a photo of us, Flapper, Dumbo and me, as the wallpaper.

Mummy, knowing that what Grandpa really wants is just Dumbo and me.

Mummy: "I deleted a lot of photos off my phone.  What I have left are the recent ones with all four dogs (including Pebbles)."

Mummy sent the first one that was taken during Flapper's birthday, thinking maybe could crop Pebbles out.

Photo 1 as wallpaper: Nope!  It was either Flapper and me, or Dumbo and Flapper.  Grandpa would want DUMBO AND ME.  Fail!
Photo 1 - FAIL.

So mummy continued scrolling her phone to see what else she had.

Photo #2:  One of the few in portrait orientation that is good for a phone's wallpaper... and one of the RARE photos with Dumbo 'smiling'. 

Grandpa: "But Frodo's face is blocked."

Mummy: "But Dumbo is smiling!"

Grandpa rejected the photo.
Because he has to see me my face.
My entire face.

Mummy got annoyed and decided to send Grandpa this photo.

"Commercial break".
Looking at our selfie perked mummy up from Grandpa's obsession with Dumbo and me.

After a brief chat about how Flapper and my brotherly bond, mummy sent grandpa two more photos.

Photo #3: One of mummy's favourite family photo of us 4.
Photo #4:  Another family shot in portrait orientation.  ANYTHING to get the 'Yes' from Grandpa.

Grandpa: "Pebbles is in the photo."

*Mummy lost for words*

*Mummy laughed*

*Mummy rolled her eyes*

*Mummy started cracking jokes of Grandpa's nonsensical bias-ness*

Mummy announced, "I am sure all dad wants is a photo of Frodo and Dumbo... ONLY."

In the meantime....

Grandpa gleefully (and proudly) sent Mummy this photo of me being the Prince (Dumbo is the King) of the sofa constantly looking at him.

I love Grandpa.
Grandpa loves me.
We love each other much much.

I googly eyes at him.
He googly eyes at me.
We keep giving each other googly eyes.

Mummy gave up going through her phone for photos.

She called Flapper and me.
She lured Dumbo (he's deaf).

Mummy: "Aiya!  I take another group shot for you la!  Just the 3 of them."

Freshly taken photo of three of us... just for grandpa's phone.  APPROVED.

Grandpa was happy with the photo.

Mummy quickly set it as his wallpaper.

Knowing how much grandpa loves me.....

Mummy sneakily set this as the 'Lock Screen' image for Grandpa's Phone.(Photo by Uncle Nic of Furry Photos)

Mummy chucked the phone back to Grandpa with my face flashing in his face.

Mummy: "How?  Can?"

Grandpa nodded and smiled in approval, "Nice.  Very nice."

Mummy laughed and shook her head.

Mummy's favourite group shot of us.  It tells the whole story of us as a family.  Flapper and me looking all 'husband-and-wife' again and Flapper looking very much like the big brother (as usual) to us.  While Dumbo, as usual, a little distant from us, solitary and acting like the 'King' as usual.

And this is the story of... Grandpa loves me.
Well, what can I say?
Everybody loves me.

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