The Pursuit of Adventures

Life is only as exciting as one makes it.

It is that time of the year again.
It is called my birthday.

15 more days before I reach the big 1-0.
In human years I will be 66 years old.

But I know that 15 more days is fabricated.
Mummy does not know my actual birthday.
Only I know, if only I could tell her.

I can see that interchanging look between dread and excitement in mummy's eyes.  She is constantly wearing a focused frown on her face or as daddy would call it, her 'bo-eng' (busy) look.

Working with dogs/animals, you learn to accept rejections with a smile.  You also learn how to celebrate that one 'yes' for every nine 'no' you receive.  No 'what ifs'.  If you want to make an idea work, you've got to just keep trying. - Flapper's mummy

From the outside, I appear to lead that 'glamorous life' being that 'Celebrity Dog'.  But believe you me, for every adventure in my life that happens, mummy (and I) sweat tears trying to fulfil it.  For those who followed my Sony Action Cam campaign last year, would probably remember the many rejections and frustrations.    There were many many times when mummy looked at me and lamented, "Flapper, what was I thinking about????"

There were many moments of doubts whether the adventures could be fulfilled and even more thoughts if it was all worthwhile.

But whenever mummy sees that immense joy on my face (and Frodo's too) as we go on our exhilarating adventures and reviewing our collection of videos and photos, she know these memories created are invaluable.  It serves as a constant reminder to mummy that all that the painful journey of creating our memories has its sweet rewards at the end of it.

It's simply... two very happy 'sons' with a whole lot of adventures locked under our double-coat and stored in our memory banks.

As mentioned in my earlier post of 'Life Begins again at 9-ish, 10', the first half of this year was not all that exciting.  It was... zen.  After months of adrenaline rush from planning and executing those adventures, life felt very quiet.  We could hear the pin drop.  And as the month of June approached, mummy [mildly] started to feel the clock ticking, looked at me and said, "Oh my God, Flapper.  I still have no idea what to do for your 10th birthday this year.  I think I may have exhausted everything year."

Truth be told, mummy is tired too.  She was inclined towards something quiet this year.  Then she looked at me and said,  "But it's your 10th birthday, that's supposed to be a pretty big deal, no?"

She sighed and stared at me blankly.

I know what she's thinking about.
There is that tenth wish.... the lifelong wish.
Dejavu of yes, no, maybe.

Mummy was not sure how much mental (and physical) energy to deal with all that rejections all over again.  Some people may think mummy is being dramatic.  After all, in most parts of the world other than this region of Asia, how difficult can it be to do things with a dog?

Let me emphasize a little harder.

Amazingly difficult.

The rules.
The mindset.
The stigma.

One big dog is tough enough.
Two big dogs are near impossible.

Nothing is impossible in mummy's world.
She will constipate till that oomph of inspiration hits her.

And oomph, there it is.

July came and SOMEONE... you know, that hilarious SOMEONE from above,  waved His invisible magic wand and my lull life came to live!

It all started with....

  • I contacted Sony about the event... well, let's just say I prefer to stick to wearing one brand.  Told ya I'm not a brand whore.  😜

Which led to....
  • Discussions about a new upcoming campaign for Sony Action Cam... again!  😎

Followed by.....
  • Attending ABC's Media Preview

  • And briefly meeting the wonderful folks of Petvoq ....

Which led to.....
  • Mummy snooped online and spotted Petvoq's SmartPult aka Ball Launcher and her eyes sparkled.  This ball-launcher thing!  She has always wanted a ball launcher for me for many many years - maybe 8, maybe 9?   So mummy message them and asked if I could be the product-tester for SmartPult.  That very very nice lady said yes and before I knew it, I was product testing the EasyPaw aka Paw Washer too!  I hear discussions about Frodo and I becoming the official product tester for Petvoq.... *paws crossed*  Love love love their innovations!  Keeps me young!  I will write about their cool toys and products... soon!

A sneak preview of me testing the SmartPult prototype.  I had oodles of fun with it.  Don't mess with the Rocket Scientist Me once I've figured out where the treats come from!  🤔  Such a dream come true... this ball launcher toy.  Watch this space.  I will be reviewing Petvoq's products soon!

Then I saw a message from way back in April which I missed which led to....
  • THAT PURSUIT OF WELLNESS.... and after many years of being on Wellness Pet Food, all-hail the queen!  I finally secured my food sponsorship - not just for me, but for Frodo too!  Mummy and I hugged each other tight tight and cried.
Feeling like ceLABrities with our secret contract signing session.  Rejoice!  Frodo and I are finally sponsored by Wellness Pet Food!

And before I knew it, rumour has it.....
  • The big 10th wish is going to be fulfilled!  Mummy, after getting rejected repeatedly, mummy was about to give up and by some stroke of luck, she found something and putting on a big brave front one more time, she gave it another shot.  Lo and behold!  She finally managed to get that ONE BIG YES.  That's all she needs.  That one crucial yes.
  • Mummy says it's a secret.  Even I, Sir Flapper Choo, shalt not know about it.
  • The Barkery has already designed my special birthday cake... again, mummy REFUSES to tell me anything.
  • It's starting to feel like a reality show... nothing can be divulged till the season ends.  How exciting!

Throwback to last year's epic birthday at St John's Island.....

Frodo: "Okay bro, I've to say your birthday was pretty damn splashing.  What do you think mummy will have planned for next year?"

Me: "I have no idea, bro.  You know mummy... she will always think of something.  In the meantime, can you just keep a straightface so we can eat the cake?"

So yes, you read about my exciting upcoming adventures here - first hand - reported by yours truly, moi.

I don't know about you guys but it does sound pretty darn exciting eh?

Either mummy or myself is a very very good pilot.
OR maybe.... we make very good pilots... together?

Sir Uncle Flapper Sneaky Rocket-Scientist No-More-Has-Been Choo is tapping his paws excitedly to find out mummy's secret birthday for me.

Mummy says I must always remember to give thanks so.. "Thank you God for watching over old man me, keeping me healthy and active... and for the yummy cake to come.  Amen!  😏"

Good thing about this birthday thing being such a big secret... I don't have to send any emails and do any work!   More time to frolicking in the sea and roll in the sand.

Life is good.
Frodo and I love being the boys of leisure!
Till next time....

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