Start of Birthday Bonanza - Visit to All 'Bout Canines Office

22nd September 2016
Humid.  Very humid.

Dear Birthday Fairy,

Mummy has been very tightlipped about her grand plans for my birthday weekend. All she ever said to me, "Flapper, you are going to have an epic 10th birthday".


After last year's exciting staycation at St John's Island, it could even get more epic than that?  I doubt it but okay mummy, whatever you say.

"I will follow you.
Follow you wherever you may go...."

1 pm.

I saw mummy packing up her my outing haversack.  I sniffed out something fishy.  Whenever mummy starts to pack THE haversack, I know there's something up her sleeve and it involves me.  She was a little grouchy that day and I could see her reluctance.  Something happened.  She was busy messaging on her phone the better half of that morning.

"The show must go on, Flapper.", mummy said.

1:20 pm.

Mummy booked our ride.  She hates being late.  Tardiness is her pet peeve.  It's all about respecting other people's time, no?   By now, mummy has perked up.  Mummy as mummy is, she will not let anyone or anything get her down too long.

2:15 pm.

After circling around the building and trying to find the office, we finally arrived at Luminart office. Luminart is the organiser for the upcoming "All 'Bout Canines" event.  I was super excited!  With the many many many regulations in Singapore, it is rare that I, Flapper Choo, can actually visit an office!  Whatever Luminart and mummy had up their sleeves, I knew I would find out soon enough.

No one seemed to be around so Mummy and I chilled out in the cozy little room.

Entertaining mama while waiting....

Giving mama my super cute face.

Slowly but surely, I started to get warm greetings from the staff and I gladly reciprocated their affections.

Come, come.... greet me, pat me.
Don't shy.

After all that lovely greetings, there was a flurry of business.  I saw an Action Cam exchange between mummy and this tiny girl called Hazel.  Next thing I knew, mummy was strapping on my Action Cam harness and gushed, "Flapper, work time."


I thought I was coming here to play.

There was a fluffy of busyness.

"Flapper, we need you to go through some All 'Bout Canines event details with us, meet-and-greet our COO and approve the artwork", someone said to me.

Too much flurry.
I cannot remember the who's who.

So much for playing.
Work comes first.

"Mummy, I'd better be rewarded with milk after this", I said and gave mummy THAT look.

Mummy just grinned at me.
I knew there was something else going on.

One thing I've learnt, don't ask.
Just trust mummy.

As I was busy working, there was another flurry of activities running at the background.  I have no idea what.

Just got to focus on my work!

Meet-and-Greet with the COO of Luminart, a Mr John.  He is a dog owner himself!  He treated me very nicely and was happy to spend time with me. :D

Phew!  Approving artwork is hard work but fun!

Next thing I knew, I heard a voice shout out to me, "Flapper, let's go!"

I was led to the cozy room.
The blinds were down.
Someone opened the door.


I heard an orchestra of voices screamed.

I quickly made my round and allowed my nose to do the work.  Someone was holding a.... CAKE!
Meat cake!  The lady lowered the cake and allowed me to eat it.  Like that!

"WAAAIIITTT!!!! We still need to take photos and present Flapper his presents!", I heard a frantic voice.

What do you mean WAIT?
There's no wait when it comes to food.

*gave mummy death glare*

I stared at the cake longingly and wondered when it will make it into my stomach.

"Okay guys, let's quickly get the formalities done and over with.  I have a cake waiting of me.", I insisted.

First, the COO of Luminart presented me with an ang pow!  Wow!  Ang pow!  Me likey!  This shall go into my Flapper's Secret Getaway fund.  Thank you John!  Thank you Luminart!

Then came a sneaky figure who popped out and presented me with a heavy bag.  It was my pal from Sony!  She had specially come for my birthday party to present me with my brand spankin' new Action Cam FDR-X3000R so I can video my secret getaway!

Mummy laughed.

"Do you know how timely is this camera?  Flapper has trashed his old Action Cam.  He broke the mounting panel.", Mummy sighed and laughed simultaneously as she said this.

Don't ask me how I do the things I do.  That's my secret!  Here's a fun fact.  Even though Frodo looks like the resident Ah Beng but actually, he is much gentler with toys and such.  😜

I was very touched by the kind gestures of both Luminart and Sony.

Starting off my 10th birthday celebration with a big bang.... and very pink.

After what seemed like an eternity of posing and posing and posing... and posing and posing, Mummy finally asked me to say my prayers and say grace.

I knew what that meant.
I would FINALLY get to eat that oh-so-yummy cake!

I knew I would not be cheated of my milk-milk.
You can say it or spell it.
I know it and I will hear it.
There is no cheatin' me.

After the big Happy Birthday and the crowd disperse, I contentedly laid down to sleep while mummy went through and signed off my new Sony Action Cam campaign with my Sony pal.

"10 still images from the Action Cam?", mummy gushed, "that was one of my not-so-raving reviews last year about the Action Cam.  The still images quality was.... well, disappointing."

My Sony pal quickly whipped out her phone to show mama some still images that was captured with the FDR-X3000R.

Impressive but mama had her reservations.  After many years of working with us - dogs - mummy knew that however great a camera may boast of its resolution may not necessarily translate well when it comes to photographing animals.  That split second delay in the aperture speed could make or break the image captured.  Thus mummy has eternal allegiance to iPhone just for that very reason.

"We'll find out this weekend I guess", mummy quipped.

The humans went on with their jibbers jabbers while I continued snoozing in peace.

And That was that!

22nd September 2016 marked the official start of my new exciting Sony Action Cam campaign with the FDR-X3000R.

After MUCH discussion with Sony, we finally decided that my theme this year is "Flapper Life Moments" - starting with my uber exciting secret getaway.  This time last year, I was ending off my FDR-X1000R campaign with my birthday.  This year, we are kickstarting it with my birthday!

How exciting is that?

Throwback to my birthday last year. which also marked the end of my Sony Action Cam FDR-X1000R campaign.

Back at home....

After an exhilarating birthday visit to Luminart/ABC office, I happily retired to bed as mummy excitedly opened up to admire the new Action Cam.

Then the moment of truth hit her.

"Holy crap!  Will I be able to make sure all the cameras and Live Remote Viewers are charged by tomorrow?", she lamented.

While daddy was busy packing his belongings for the getaway, mummy was like a mad chicken running around to start the charging process.

Mummy burst out laughing and told daddy, "Oh my God!  I have a mini Sony shop running here!"

My crazy mini Sony shop!
(From Top left)
1) Portable/External battery charging unit;
2) Spare battery
3) Sony Action Cam FDR-X3000R
4) Sony Action Cam FDR-X1000R (just in case....)
5) Live Remote Viewer for FDR-X3000R
6) Sony Action Cam FDR-X3000R (on loan from Sony)
7) Sony RX100M4 camera (on loan from Sony for Uncle Nic to use)

Mummy declared she was too tired from my office visit and packing can wait till the next day.

Bad idea, mum.

Mummy surrendered to bed.
Frodo and I were already in bed.

I was very content from my fulfilling office visit today.  You see, Birthday Fairy, office visits are rare as most offices do not allow dogs.  I love office visits.  I love bringing smiles, laughters and providing cuddle therapy.

Happy, I was.
Dreaming of my exciting birthday getaway, I was.

Whatever it was, I knew then.... mummy probably wasn't lying when she said I was going to have an epic 10th birthday.

Sir Flapper Choo signing off to dreamland.

To epic birthday and beyond.

To find out more about the upcoming All 'Bout Canines event -

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