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Flapper The Tourist Goes For Trishaw Ride

After spending many hours mulling over what new adventures I should go on, Mummy and I decided it would be fun to do some touristy activities for the first half of this Sony campaign leading up to National Day.

After all, it is SG50 and surely I, Flapper Choo, can celebrate it in my own way.
But here comes the challenging part.
How do we get organizations to say 'Yes' to some of our ideas?
Part of being 'Proudly Singaporean' is accepting the rejections as I am but a mere dog.  
And rejections, we got.   Upset, we are not.
Mummy and I agreed that for every one yes, we will just cheer, celebrate and have fun.

I am an old-fashioned boy.
I do not fancy fast cars (that's Frodo).

Mummy has never been on a trishaw ride and neither have I.  So when the kind people of Trishaw Uncle replied and said they are willing to take me on a Trishaw ride, mummy and I rejoiced.

We are seeing the sights of Singapore in what used-to-be the traditional mode of transport.

We woke up early…

That Simple Life

When I agreed to be an 'influencer' for Sony's Action Cam 4K, I decided that apart from planning and creating the six adventure videos, I will embrace the process and document the journey - keeping it real.

After all, I have only waited some 8-odd years for my very own POV camera!

As how life would pan out, little events (good and bad) would happen to make the journey that little bit more interesting, that little bit more memorable.  It is not just about those big adventures but those little daily events too.
Events like... life with my annoying brother, Frodo.

Yes.  That's my annoying brother, Frodo.  He means no harm.  It is his silliness that has charmed his way into many many humans heart.  He has a "quota" everyday called "must irritate me".  He would stuff toys into my mouth, badger me to play with him even when I'm sleeping.... and he would break out with the cutest and happiest grin when he has achieved his objective.

Frodo keeps me youn…

Friends will be Friends.... Always there for you.

10 July 2015.

Mummy received a message.

An old old friend of mine - let's call her Diva Miss M - has fallen sick.   She has severe case of pancreatitis and had to be hospitalised.

Very sad.

I have known Diva Miss M since I was a wee pup.  I have not seen her in recent years.

You know... life.

And some years later now, she is 13 years old and I am 8-ish years old.  She is deaf.  I am white on my face.

What can I say?

We, dogs, do age.
And sadly, I've had to say goodbye to a few good friends of mine.

Cruel reality.

So when I found out Diva Miss M was very sick and needed 24 hours care, I packed my overnight camping gear and kept her company through the night.

She is my friend.
I will always be there for her.
Friends will be friends.

Meeting my old friend after many years....
(I would rather we met at each other's home than the clinic/hospital.)

Diva Miss M is now back at home recuperating.  Yay!  She is still having pains intermittently but I know this greedy …

Old Adventures, New Heights

Week 4 with my Action Cam 4K and I am loving it.

Thank you so much Sony Singapore for loaning me a second Action Cam!

It has been a long time since mummy could last join us out at sea.  For the longest time, she had to stay at shore with her trusted iPhone and stress about NOT letting the phone fly out of her klutz hands... into the sea.

And because I have the Action Cam now, mummy can take videos of our activities handsfree and try different things with us.

I am so so happy!

I love it when mummy joins us (Frodo and me) in our activities!

When we woke up this morning, mummy decided it was time to visit the beach to test out using BOTH cameras.  I have been informed that the Sony's Play Memories Mobile allows us to view and control both cameras from one device.  Mummy thought it would be quick and easy to set it up.


Too many steps.
Too complicated.

*Give mummy googly eyes*

"Can we go swim NOW?"

Got to figure this multi-camera view thing another day.
Swimming is …

Prove Yourself: Take Your Adventures to New Heights

This is it!

After about a month of keeping my excitement under wraps, I can finally say it!

I, Flapper Choo, am an influencer for Sony's impressive new 4K Action Cam FDR-X1000V.

I, Mr Big Blondie, am going to be part of Sony's 'Prove Yourself: Take Your Adventures to New Heights' campaign.

I will be going on new adventures for the next 3 months and taking videos of my adventures with MY VERY OWN Action Cam.

New adventures.
With Mummy.
Am I lucky boy or what?!?!

How it all began...
Just about two weeks before I was approached to be part of this campaign, mummy was looking at my charmingly aging-white face and thinking about how routine/mundane my life has been lately.

Mummy said to me, "Flapper, maybe we should go create some new adventures, document it and end it off with a nice birthday bash for you.  You deserve a great birthday celebration this year.... "

You see, the last time mummy threw me a birthday was when I was four.  Since then, my birthday party…