That Simple Life

When I agreed to be an 'influencer' for Sony's Action Cam 4K, I decided that apart from planning and creating the six adventure videos, I will embrace the process and document the journey - keeping it real.

After all, I have only waited some 8-odd years for my very own POV camera!

"Hellllllooooo ball!"
(photo credit: Furry Photos Pet Photography)

As how life would pan out, little events (good and bad) would happen to make the journey that little bit more interesting, that little bit more memorable.  It is not just about those big adventures but those little daily events too.

Events like... life with my annoying brother, Frodo.

Yes.  That's my annoying brother, Frodo.  He means no harm.  It is his silliness that has charmed his way into many many humans heart.  He has a "quota" everyday called "must irritate me".  He would stuff toys into my mouth, badger me to play with him even when I'm sleeping.... and he would break out with the cutest and happiest grin when he has achieved his objective.

Frodo keeps me young.

I count my blessings everyday that despite being 'old man Flapper', I am still in good health and able to carry out my favourite activities.  And as the videos get edited, even though it is meant to be fun and haha-funny, mummy does get all [secretly] gooey and counts her blessings to be able to do these adventures and most of all, the perfect tool to document this leg of my white-faced life.

I think most pets owners will understand fully well how mummy feels about why it is God-sent to be able to record moments of his/her pet(s) life.

Not just those big adventures.

A day in the life of...
That simple joy.
That simple life.

A dog's life.
My life.

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