Old Adventures, New Heights

Week 4 with my Action Cam 4K and I am loving it.

Thank you so much Sony Singapore for loaning me a second Action Cam!

It has been a long time since mummy could last join us out at sea.  For the longest time, she had to stay at shore with her trusted iPhone and stress about NOT letting the phone fly out of her klutz hands... into the sea.

And because I have the Action Cam now, mummy can take videos of our activities handsfree and try different things with us.

I am so so happy!

I love it when mummy joins us (Frodo and me) in our activities!

When we woke up this morning, mummy decided it was time to visit the beach to test out using BOTH cameras.  I have been informed that the Sony's Play Memories Mobile allows us to view and control both cameras from one device.  Mummy thought it would be quick and easy to set it up.


Too many steps.
Too complicated.

*Give mummy googly eyes*

"Can we go swim NOW?"

Got to figure this multi-camera view thing another day.
Swimming is waaaayyyyy more important than all that techy gadgety setup.

One Action Cam for me.
One Action Cam for mummy.

And off to the beach we went!

Our toys for today: My own dog harness mount and
a head mount for mummy!  FUN!

And because mummy is able to go hands free and can swim with us BUT!  As lazy as she is, I became her very convenient float-machine / life buoy.  She would stalk me like an alligator, clutch onto me and let me do the swimming.

Moral of the story:
Old adventures, new heights....
Try something new.
Be mummy's life buoy.

Get it?

Thanks mum. *grumble*

This is the first time we (mummy and I) are testing how the footages would work out now that we both have a camera each.  We also wanted to see how the footages with me as mummy's life buoy would work out.

Hmm... what can I say.
A lot of sky.
A lot of trees.
A lot of see.
Very little us (Frodo and me).

It was fun anyhow just because mummy got to join us in this swim.

Okay, I swam.
Mummy was the swim-hiker.

That Nauseating Movement Thing

I have to admit editing the videos ain't very fun.  The movements tend to have this nauseating effect when watching it ESPECIALLY when I am running.

What really helps to reduce that nauseating movement thing is to make the fast-action footages slow-mo.  BUT that also means the video time will be very very long.

Thus for this video, I made it worse by primarily doing it "time-lapse" style.  Ha!

Ah well!
Fun & adventure right?

Battery Life

One plus-factor of the Action Cam is the battery life - up to 2 hours on full charge.

No stress.
Just press 'record' and let the Action Cam do its job while we go swim.

The down side to letting the camera run on its own?
Hell lot of editing!

And that's when I look at mama and say, "YOOOOUUUU.... go do the editing while IIIIIIiiiiii... go sleep.  Swimming is hard work."

I do wish the battery life is longer though - some 6 hours or something.  I have been told that for a POV camera, 2 hours is very decent.

The Live View Remote battery life, however, is super impressive.  It seems to last for eternity.  I have not charged it in ages and by the end of this excursion, I still had two bars left.  Impressed!

Action Cam Battery Life Rating (at week 4):

Just because I would love the battery life to be even longer....

Live View Remote Rating (at week 4):

Use and Abuse

When I first received the Action Cam, I was nervous.  I wondered how durable it will be.  I was not sure if what appeared to be that "plastic little thing" could withstand the abuse by Master-Roller-of-the-Universe (me) and Klutz-O'-Mama.

Have you seen mummy's "flying" handphones?

Lesson 1: 

ALWAYS put on the default waterproof case as added protection.  

It does not compromise on the video quality but DO look out for fogging - not just for underwater activities but land activities too.

NEVER trust Master-Roller with the raw camera on his back.  I will rub-a-dub-dub on ANY ground and mummy's tiny eyes will pop open with all its might and scream, "Oh s***!  FLLLLAAPPPPEEERRRR!!!! Noooo!!!!!!"

Moral of the story:  Cheaper to replace the waterproof case than the camera.

I decided to that the camera needed some added design with 
the help of CONCRETE ground to trademark this Action Cam 
as 'Flapper Choo's'. Mummy nearly suffered a heart attack from 
my creativeness but viola!  I missed scratching the lens by 1mm.

Abuse Rating (at week 4):

I have given it 4 paws rating just because the camera is still alive and only sustained these ouch-scratches created by yours truly.  The abuse factor on this camera is appalling at the moment.  I have not bought the system case to store the camera so it is pretty much left lying on the table for easy access.  

If this camera can sustain my abuse till the end of this campaign, it will get a whooping 5 paws from me!

And that's my little update on adventure with my Action Cam.

I would like to thank Sony Singapore for loaning us a second camera so now... apart from thinking up new adventures, it has given us the opportunity to re-visit some old adventures but trying some thing new each time.

That's it from not-so-little-old-me, Flapper Choo.

Till my next adventure update....

Happy weekend everyone!

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