Friends will be Friends.... Always there for you.

10 July 2015.

Mummy received a message.

An old old friend of mine - let's call her Diva Miss M - has fallen sick.   She has severe case of pancreatitis and had to be hospitalised.

Very sad.

I have known Diva Miss M since I was a wee pup.  I have not seen her in recent years.

You know... life.

And some years later now, she is 13 years old and I am 8-ish years old.  She is deaf.  I am white on my face.

Flashback.  Our glory days of youth in 2009.
(From left: Uncle Gogo who has passed away, Diva Miss M and me!)

What can I say?

We, dogs, do age.
And sadly, I've had to say goodbye to a few good friends of mine.

Cruel reality.

So when I found out Diva Miss M was very sick and needed 24 hours care, I packed my overnight camping gear and kept her company through the night.

Get well soon my dear friend.
You have always been a fighter.

She is my friend.
I will always be there for her.
Friends will be friends.

Meeting my old friend after many years....
(I would rather we met at each other's home than the clinic/hospital.)

Diva Miss M is now back at home recuperating.  Yay!  She is still having pains intermittently but I know this greedy fighter her will pull through.


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