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Sony Action Cam $150 Shopping Perks

I am so incredibly happy to announce that Sony Singapore is giving out up to $150 off Sony Action Cam Shopping Perks!

Woofs cannot express what a happy tail-wagger I am with my new Action Cam FDR-X3000R.  It has come up trumps as a remarkable Point-Of-View (POV) camera especially with their revolutionary new optical stabilzation called Balanced Optical SteadyShot™ (B.O.S.S.).

With this shopping perk with a massive $150 off the Sony Action Cam, it is now more affordable and I hope many of my friends can own one too.

If you are wondering if the Sony Action Cam FDR-X3000R is really that worth the money, I have painstakingly put together my personal review of this camera.

All I can say is, this new Sony Action Cam is the perfect, purrrfect, pawfect camera for capturing all of one's life moments.

But of course, the actual videos speak louder than words.  So if you want to see how impressive this camera really is, you can watch the videos below and decide for yourself.   During my secr…

Sony Action Cam FDR-X3000R Review

Truth be told, I never in my wildest imagination thought that I, Flapper Choo, would be running another Sony Action Cam campaign.  I was elated and excited.  I suffered withdrawal symptoms after last year's"Prove Yourself" campaign with the FDR-X1000V.  All that adventures!  Woof!

After much discussion with Sony Singapore, it was agreed that my theme/campaign this year is Flapper Life Moments (#flapperlifemoments).  You see, as a pet owner, mummy has always wanted a one of those compact point-of-view (POV) cameras that could -
Capture our POV so she could see what we are seeing;Be used underwater;[MOST IMPORTANTLY] Capture our life moments - easily.
When I first received the FDR-X1000V last year, we were super happy as we finally owned a POV camera.  But if you had read my 'Tips and Tricks' and 'FDR-X1000V Review' articles, capturing Frodo and my POVs were less-than-satisfactory (nauseating to be exact) and mummy's major gripe was the dog mount harnes…

My Secret Birthday Getaway - DAY 4 - It's all about Frodo Choo by Frodo Choo

26 Sepdunnowhatber 2016
Sunny. Swimming Pool.
It's all about me.

Dear Me,

Let me begin with admiring this gorgeous photo of me.

Look at how handsome I am.  My oh-so-gorgeous physique.  I love me.  Grandpa loves me.  Everybody loves me.  Even Uncle Nic who claims to love my brother, loves me.  He has already posted a video of me and Flapper's videos are still cultivating mould somewhere in his computer.

Of course it was my birthday!  It's always about me, me, me and me!

Day 4 was the last day of our secret getaway.  I had to make sure I made full use of it.  I could hear the human's laugh and say,

"It looks like it's Frodo's birthday, innit?"
You mean it wasn't?  😱 😱 😱

I don't care.  I will make it my birthday if I had to.   I ruled the pool.  I ruled the humans.  I made sure the cameras were all on me.... I made sure anything and everything will be about me.

I needed no human to entertain me.  I could entertain me, thank you very much.  Whi…

My Secret Birthday Getaway - DAY 3 - Romancing With The Mermaid and Happy Birthday

25th September 2016
Nice cool weather but not so nice for photography.

Dear Birthday Fairy,

No sunrise swims.
No early morning swims.

We slept in.

The humans were having a hangover from Day 2 swimming madness.  Frodo and I were not complaining.  We decided to take the opportunity to catch more zzzzz.  We knew mummy had probably planned something... again.

It was my birthday.
So-called the actual birthday.

Truth be told, mummy actually doesn't know my actual birthday.  When she adopted me, she was told I was eight months old.  She worked back and realized I am a September baby.  So to make it more meaningful for both of us, she decided my birthday shall be 25th September.

Why more meaningful?
You will find out later.

The Little Mermaid and The Merdog

Birthday Fairy... mummy is evil.

*glare at mummy*

She did not tell me that my loyal girlfriend was coming to spend the day with me.  If not, I would have put my best suit on.

Uncle Nic said, "Just put your birthday suit …

My Secret Birthday Getaway - DAY 2 - The Ultimate Swimcation and THAT Birthday Burger

24 September 2016
Hot.  Very Very Hot.
Swim. A Lot A Lot of Swim.

Dear Birthday Fairy,

Oh boy!  I slept like a baby last night after that dreamy sunset swim.  I dreamt of sunset and swimiming.  But I was rudely awoken from my sweet dreams at 5:45 am by the alarm clock.

5:45 am?

Mum?  Have you gone loopy?  You never get up so early when you are not working.  UNLESS.....!  She has something planned.  Mummy is predictable though.  No matter what time she gets up, she is totally useless till she has drunk her first cup of coffee.  I went back to sleep.... mildly.  I kept an eye open to watch what mummy was doing.... waiting for her to get changed.

6:10 am - Mummy took me out to do my business.  Frodo and I are well-trained by mummy.  We get our business done in 5 minutes.

6:15 am - I saw Uncle Nic at the doorway.  Mummy mumbled and told Uncle Nic to head up to the pool to set up the cameras first.

Did I hear pool?


6:20 am - Darkness at pool side.  But like do I care?  Nope. …