My Secret Birthday Getaway - DAY 4 - It's all about Frodo Choo by Frodo Choo

26 Sepdunnowhatber 2016
Sunny. Swimming Pool.
It's all about me.

Dear Me,

Let me begin with admiring this gorgeous photo of me.

I am my own muse.
(Image taken with the Sony Action Cam FDR-X3000R)

Look at how handsome I am.  My oh-so-gorgeous physique.  I love me.  Grandpa loves me.  Everybody loves me.  Even Uncle Nic who claims to love my brother, loves me.  He has already posted a video of me and Flapper's videos are still cultivating mould somewhere in his computer.

Of course it was my birthday!  It's always about me, me, me and me!

Day 4 was the last day of our secret getaway.  I had to make sure I made full use of it.  I could hear the human's laugh and say,

"It looks like it's Frodo's birthday, innit?"

You mean it wasn't?  😱 😱 😱

I don't care.  I will make it my birthday if I had to.   I ruled the pool.  I ruled the humans.  I made sure the cameras were all on me.... I made sure anything and everything will be about me.

I needed no human to entertain me.  I could entertain me, thank you very much.  While the senior citizens *cough humans and Flapper Choo* were taking their breaks, I would dogwalk the pool, demonstrated my stately jump and swim by myself.

Flapper Choo, being the good boy that he is, would just lay by mama's side to wait for her.  Pffftttt.  How boring!

My brother is always the good boy.  He will always be by mama's side.
While Flapper Choo was being the good boy, I would rule the swimming pool and show off my magnificent plunge for all to see.  Humans... admire this equally magnificent physique.  Make sure all the camera are on me.

I need not say more.

Mummy and Flapper Choo were like irritating mozzies buzzing in my ears nagging me to do this post.  Don't they know?  I'm a yuppie-boy-of-leisure.  I don't work.  My life purpose is to flash my derpy smile and get the girls swoon all over me.  Writing?  Pffftttt.... too much work.

So erm, yeah.
I am a boy of little words.

Just bring on the party, and I'll be there.

Here is my video.

It tells the whole story.

Something About Flapper 'Phelps' vs Frodo 'Schooling'

Old man step aside.... time to let this strapping young man - ME - shine.

Bring on the "friendly competition".

I shall prevail....  can you catch me giving myself the added advantage in the video?


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