My Secret Birthday Getaway - DAY 3 - Romancing With The Mermaid and Happy Birthday

25th September 2016
Nice cool weather but not so nice for photography.

Dear Birthday Fairy,

No sunrise swims.
No early morning swims.

We slept in.

The humans were having a hangover from Day 2 swimming madness.  Frodo and I were not complaining.  We decided to take the opportunity to catch more zzzzz.  We knew mummy had probably planned something... again.

Rarely do we see Frodo knocked out.  Good news was, he was not annoying me.  Happy Birthday to me.

It was my birthday.
So-called the actual birthday.

Truth be told, mummy actually doesn't know my actual birthday.  When she adopted me, she was told I was eight months old.  She worked back and realized I am a September baby.  So to make it more meaningful for both of us, she decided my birthday shall be 25th September.

Why more meaningful?
You will find out later.

The Little Mermaid and The Merdog

Birthday Fairy... mummy is evil.

*glare at mummy*

She did not tell me that my loyal girlfriend was coming to spend the day with me.  If not, I would have put my best suit on.

Uncle Nic said, "Just put your birthday suit on!"

Birthday suit?
Can you give a dog some modesty, please.

I have no idea where all that came from.... but my girlfriend magically transformed into a mermaid! Mummy is a very proud "mother-in-law".  She loves my girlfriend and thinks I have chosen well.  Only my girlfriend would prepare everything for our Valentine's date and now... painstakingly put together her mermaid-do.

Most of all, she is about the only girl who has not fallen for Frodo's charm.

How can I not love her?

Best girlfriend ever.

Mummy shouts, "Best daughter-in-law ever!"

While Frodo was busy celebrating his own birthday, my mermaid and I serenaded to each other.  I admired her fins, she admired my distinguished white face.

Talk about sweet romancing!

So as not to sicken the other onlookers of our saccharine serenades, we joined in the rest for a swim.  My mermaid lost her fins with the click of my paws and she transformed into her human form.

As random as it got, somehow, her fins found its way to Frodo.

Don't ask me how.
It just did.
And suddenly, it became a case of "How To Tame The Flying Dragon".

Uncle Nic + Daddy + Mummy + Girlfriend = It all becomes very random.

Add Frodo into that equation and it does not need to make sense.
Just accept.
Carpe Diem.

After much frolicking in the pool, it was time for some bedtime romance with my girlfriend.  Shhh... Do not disturb.  It's just us on my cozy doggie bed.  Our time.  It was nice spending some good quality time with her.

When mummy told her she had a little surprise planned for us, we were not expecting to romance under the picturesque sunset.  Mummy is full of surprises.  She had conjured with this nice lady from Cheval Cafe Bar Bistro to specially set up a table for our romantic date.

Admiring the gorgeous sunset at Cheval Cafe Bar Bistro with my loyal girlfriend over a glass of wine.  How much more romantic can it get?

Birthday Beef Steak and "Avenue of Stars" Birthday Cake

Again, mummy had organised this surprise birthday dinner at Cheval Cafe Bar Bistro for me very secretly.  She had secretly gone with Uncle Nic on Friday evening (Day 1) to check out the premise and see where they can set up my romantic sunset date with my girlfriend.

Cheval Cafe is located inside Singapore Turf Club Riding Centre.  Its idyllic location and surrounding was perfect for my secret getaway theme.  The service staff were really nice and friendly.  They were very helpful in helping mummy set up my romantic date too.  They could not resist but snooped during our date.  *guffaw*

I count my blessings that Ms Eileen from Cheval Cafe Bar Bistro not only allowed Frodo, Pebbles and me to be at their premise, but helped organised that romantic sunset setting for me.  No no, dogs are not allowed on the human seats but that was just an exception to rule so I can have that half hour romance with my girlfriend under the sunset.  Mummy brought our food bowls so we do not disturb the humans' hygiene of eating from the same plate they eat from.  We appreciate special exceptions but it is important to respect their establishment too.

What can I say, Birthday Fairy?

Two days straight of birthday dinner surprise for me.

Two days straight of wonderful cafes/bars willing to prepare special meals for me.

Birthday burger and now birthday steak?
I am in awe.
Total awe.
Total feast awe.

My "Flapper Beef Steak" meal and salmon steak for Pebbles.... prepared specially by the kitchen of Cheval Cafe.
Thank you Ms Eileen for spontaneously agreeing to mummy's crazy ideas and organising that oh-so-yummy "Flapper's Birthday Beef Steak" for me!  I loved loved loved the beef steak and absolutely enjoyed my meal.

Thanks to the idyllic setting of Cheval Cafe, the human guests enjoyed themselves as much as we (the dogs) did.  Perhaps with the exception of mummy who was a total stress bunny that evening.

After indulging in my lovely beef steak, which Pebbles tried to steal, it was time to bring out THE CAKE.  My birthday cake had arrived before I did and I was so so excited to see my cake!  That also meant MORE FOOD!  Woohoo!

Waaaayyyy before my birthday, SG Barkery had already designed my cake.  It may not be as lavish and extravagant as my beach-themed cake last year but it holds a special meaning.  So they told mummy, "Because Flapper is considered the first celebrity dog in Singapore, we want to make him an 'Avenue of Stars' cake."  Wow!  I do not think I am a celebrity dog but I am truly touched by their gesture.  And most of all, it is a concoction of different meats!  HEAR HEAR!  MEAT GALORE!  THE REAL MEAT.

And now.

For the moment for truth.

My birthday is on 25th September simply because that is mummy's birthday too.  When mummy first adopted me and only knew I was a September baby, she decided to put my birthday with hers so we can celebrate together... every year.

Our Happy Birthday and Ohana moment.

With this, Birthday Fairy, marks my last entry for my secret getaway series.  There is Day 4 coming up but mummy insists Frodo has to write that post.  The humans have declared that 26th of September was Frodo's Day - just because it was all about him.

As mummy always reminds me, I need to give thanks.  My epic 10th Birthday has only been made possible not only with a stroke of luck, blessings from the Father above, spontaneous participations but most significantly, the presence of all my sponsors and collaborators in my life and being a part of my important life moments.

Drumroll please.

It's time to give thanks to many many people -

  • The very kind owners of my secret getaway place - Because you said yes, you made our dream come true.  The swimming pool shall forever be in my dreams.  I am eternally grateful.

  • Handlebar Gillman Barracks especially to Craig and Jan - Because you guys spontaneously said yes to mummy's idea, I got my very own "Flapper's Birthday Burger".  What more can a dog ask for?  Thank you!  My tummy remembers the burger well.

  • Cheval Cafe Bar Bistro especially to Eileen and I-forgot-his-name - Thank you for the special sunset arrangement, the complimentary wine.... and that special Birthday Beef Steak.  My stomach has a large memory bank.  It will always be remembered alongside burger.

  • Barkery Singapore - Thank you for that all-meat-included 'Avenue of Stars' birthday cake and secretly delivering it to the cafe before we arrived!   Thank you for being there for my siblings and I for all our important life moments.  You know we love you - AND YOUR YUMMY TREATS - very very very much right?
  • My Cool Girlfriend - Thank you for being there with me.  Did I mention you look stunning as a mermaid?

  • Uncle Nic of Furry Photos Pet Photography for having been there with me for the past three years and counting - not just the big life events but all the "again" when we do #LAB-test with you.  Oh yes.  Mummy says, "Thank you for G&T.  #notalcoholic.  Thank you for taking all that gorgeous photos from our Secret Getaway and I am sure the scratch-artwork on your body will remind you well of our adventures. :P
  • Silversky Pet Products - Thank you for the surprise birthday present and sneakily delivering it before I even arrived!  Thank you for those gorgeous dog bowls which came in very useful during our Swimcation.... rather than those ugly bowls mummy uses.  Thank you for agreeing to sponsor both Frodo and me so we are now well covered on our beloved Wellness Core Original Pet Food.
  • Gosh! / Petvoq - Thank you selecting Frodo and I to be your product testers!  Thank you for all that wonderful toys you sent us just before my birthday.  We admire your innovations much much.  

  • Clubpets Magazine - Thank you for remembering after all these years and I look forward to working with you on my 10th Birthday feature for issue #62.  Thank you for my surprise birthday package filled with an assorted range of doggie delights.  *licks*
  • Sony Action Cam Team - Thank you for choosing me once again to run the Action Cam campaign.  Because you had gift me with the FDR-X3000R, I am able to document my life moments especially this epic Secret Getaway.  The new Balance Optical SteadyShot™is to die for.  Finally I can capture stable shots of our (the dogs) point-of-view! Lucky dog, I am.  Thank you for the surprise birthday gift that came knocking on my door on 29th September.  Thank you for being such a part of this major life moment.

And that's it, Birthday Fairy!

My fabulous Secret Getaway stories end here.

And over to my ADHD brother to cover Day 4....


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