Oh Christmas Tree!

Dear Christmas Fairy,


What magical sparkly confetti fairy dust did you sprinkle on the Festive Grinch? I cannot the Grinch has decided that we are having a Christmas tree this year! 😱 😱 😱

You know and I know, how much that grinch hates anything festive. Okay, maybe a tad bit less so on Christmas but I know she is already grouching about Chinese New Year, never mind I am still counting down to Christmas. Too bad there ain't a cave for a cave for the Grinch to hibernate in.

"Wake me up when Chinese New Year is over", that's what mummy will always say.

Anywoof, after procrastinating for a long time over setting up the Christmas tree, the Grinch finally decided that it was time to get it done. I think the nerves from the Guess-Tag-Share-Win contest became too much that she decided to take her mind off it by setting up the Christmas tree.

Like seriously mum? How much longer were you planning to procrastinate? It was only... ten more days to Christmas before you decided it was time to put up the tree?  😰  It was starting to appear that I needed to have an imaginary tree... for the tenth year running!

So yes! Finally! Our first Christmas tree... ever! Woohoo! Daddy insisted Frodo, Pebbles and I had to wear the costumes he bought even though it is so off-theme. Oh Daddy! But okay, we didn't want to spoil that rare festive mood and so we obliged.

Santa-murai, I am.
Woody-deer, Frodo is.
Stitch-O-Smelly, Pebbles is.

Prequel: Getting Dressed to Set-Up X'mas Tree

How to Set-Up a Christmas Tree

For the Timelapse Video, the HDR-AS300 camera was used.

For the 'Roving' Video, the FDR-X3000 camera was used.

I think a particular mummy has gotten very attached to my Sony Action Cam. It has been awe-amazing the amount of #FlapperLifeMoments we have captured to date! So if you had read our reviews, you should know by now how much we are loving BOTH the FDR and HDR series. I am really so grateful that we have so many so many momentuous life moment videos for two years running.

This year's is especially meaningful and even though mummy had plans in her head what special moments to create but somehow, life (as always) has been taking its own form and those life moments have gone beyond our wildest imagination. I will write more about that... soon.

Like seriously, that Balanced Optical SteadyShot™ is brilliant! I think our many many videos this years tell the story.

Like need I say more about how fabulous the new Sony Action Cam truly is?

If you want to watch/re-watch/catch-up on all my fabulous life moment videos, you can do so on my YouTube channel.

Back to Christmas tree...

I have to say, setting up a Christmas tree is fun!

After all, daddy did most of the work while weeeeeeee, collectively, just acted busy and kept sticking our butts to him. Erm... actually, that was Frodo. He is the master of sticking his butt at the humans and us... and you'd be lucky if he did not fart right to your face.

No kid about that.
Frodo's fart is potent.

I have to say, Christmas Fairy, it is really nice having a Christmas Tree in the house. Somehow, it makes the house looks more cozy. It was also really nice having this crazy, somewhat chaotic family-bonding time together.

I love my family.

"Eh Flapper! Don't forget you still need to keep the tree after Christmas!", I can hear the Grinch screaming behind me.

I hear you grinch!
You just can't let a boy enjoy his first Christmas tree, huh?

*roll eyes*
For memory keepsake... our family bonding time of setting up that first... and possibly last... Christmas tree.

I have a sneaky feeling.... this might be my first and last Christmas tree ever.

Six more days to Christmas!
Where has all the time flown to?

Flapper Choo

P.S. Don't forget that Sony Singapore is still giving out those Sony Action Cam $150 Shopping Perk all the way till Christmas! Believe me.... it really is a good deal after deducting that $150. Go get it NOW!

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