#LAB-Test: A Work of ART

Always happy to #LAB(brador)-Test with Uncle Nic

Dear Christmas Fairy,

I have been so consumed with the Guess-Tag-Share-Win contest, I am exhausted! I need a swim. Badly.

These days, mummy always looks at me and laughs,"You are one very busy boy."

Indeed I am but I am not complaining. I love my life.  For a mere blonde doggie, I have been so blessed with wonderful opportunities and collaborations... and even having the most ridongculous swimcation for my 10th birthday, I'm content.

I've promised myself I would do sit down to get this post done but somehow.....

I have to admit I am very backlogged.  I had it planned on what I want to do but erm, yeah.  That's all I can say.


The other day, Uncle Nic came to visit with a big grin on his face.

"I want to test this new lens.  The Sigma 85....."

In Uncle Nic's usual fashion, he would mumble off the blahs so quickly, it shoots right past my blonde head.

Yay!  I LOVEEEEEE #LAB-Testing with Uncle Nic. It is always fun. Uber fun. Frodo and I get extended play time - that we will never complain. Uncle Nic always gives us our time of day when he goes for excursions with us or conducts one of his many #LAB-test.

"Again!", Uncle Nic would always say.  

 Except he does not define how many 'again'.

"You are getting spoilt by the boys, huh?", Mummy would say.

Uncle Nic and mummy are like broken records.  We don't care, really.  We just play.

Uncle Nic, "I want to try shooting outdoor. Grass patch."

Mummy, "You want action shots again?"

Uncle Nic,"Yes. I want to test what the lens can do."

I gave Uncle Nic THAT look.  THAT expectant look - "when are we going out to play?". I always eavesdrop on the humans' conversations. I knew playtime was coming up.  Mummy was a little reluctant as she was, I cannot remember why, very tired. But she caved in anyway as she knew Frodo and I would have a great time.

Unlike our usual sessions with Uncle Nic, Mummy insisted to let us do this #LAB-test separately. When mummy is tired, she wants things easy. Very easy. Ha!

And truth be told, mummy had not clue what Uncle Nic was really testing. She did what she always does best... managing us.

I do not need to say more.

These could just be one of the best portrait photos we've had - ever.  Although... me thinks... Uncle Nic and Mama has long marked my "PR face on Steroid" as their all-time fav.

Woohoo! Uncle Nic's website is up-and-running again and guess whose "PR Face On Steroid" is the feature pic?
Now you know why I suspect this is the all-time favourite pic!Click on the photo to see Uncle Nic's new website.

#LAB-Test usually begins or ends with... Indoor Candid Moments


#LAB-Test... without fail, would involve action shots

Even though Uncle Nic knew that the lens was specific for portraits, he could not resist testing it out on us in action!  It turned out well, I must say! It brought a huge smile to mummy's face seeing these glorious photos of me in action... and Frodo's rippling muscle.


#LAB-Test - Possibly our best portrait shots thus far

Nothing much need to be said here other than enjoy Frodo and my 'glamour' portrait shots.


Did you enjoy our #LAB-Test photos?

Would love to hear your thoughts!

I know a certain mummy has been secretly admiring these photos....

Okay.  Breaktime over...

Back to the contest.

P.S. Don't forget Uncle Nic is giving out $100 voucher in my Guess-Tag-Share-Win contest! Perfect opportunity to get that $100 off Uncle Nic's photography service!

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