That Special Appearance

Dear Christmas Fairy,

Life is but an adventure and most times, just when one least expects it, things happen. You see, when I first started this #FlapperLifeMoments series with my Sony Action Cam, I was not sure where those life moments were going to take me.

All I knew was... my secret birthday getaway and something about "countdown to Christmas". To be honest, there was no big plans. Things just started happening... just when I was turning 10.

But it is happy busy though. At least my life is interesting although a particular mama is whining that she is very very tired. She has been juggling between work and fulfilling all my exciting commitments but she always smiles when she goes through the footages of all the memories we have created as a team. I do lead  a fulfilling life, don't I?

"Life as a Celebrity Dog"

Mummy always frowns when I get referred to as a 'celebrity dog'. I am and will always be Flapper Choo! or Flapper Ah-Choo! (when I'm being naughty), Ber-ah! (in exasperation), Ber-Ber.... (term of endearment) and Flapppppeeeeerrrrr (when she is playing or taunting me).

Mummy's pet, yes.
Celebrity dog, no.

Mummy tries her best-est to let me have my 'normal' life. And on most days, I do have a very normal life. No caviar. No hot chicks fanning me. No extra-marital scandals.

Just me as I am.
A mere blonde dog.

However, of late, 'celebrity' me has been pretty busy with my unexpected social agenda. You see, one of the #FlapperLifeMoments that the Sony Action Cam team proposed was to cover "Life of a Celebrity Dog" which mummy immediately rejected.

"Simi (What) celebrity dog life? It will just be him going to swim and run around, that's it! Nothing all that interesting.", mummy said.

And then! It seemed like a fairy sprinkled some magical dust upon me, my life started taking its own form and I was somehow... living up to being a 'celebrity dog'. Events appearances, Clubpets magazine feature of my birthday, running a Christmas contest, collaborations...

Mummy laughed right to my face and said to me, "Really feels like 'Life of a Celebrity Dog' huh?"

Two Public Appearances in Two Months

As you might already know, I was the roving reporter at the All 'Bout Canine (ABC) event on 22nd and 23rd October. I did not write about it just because... if I have nothing good to say, I'd rather leave it unsaid. But one thing though, I met Uncle Luke again after three years and once again, he was my interviewer on stage.

It was good to see him again and mummy was comforted to see a familiar face hosting the interview. Mummy snuck in a last minute request and Uncle Luke not only graciously obliged but swiftly conducted a solid interview and smoothly transitioned the questions to tie in with mummy's request.

Mummy was impressed.

#throwback to my interview with Uncle Luke at the ABC event.

Did you know... The ABC Event was the second time Uncle Luke interviewed me?

I first met Uncle Luke just about three years ago. It was Clubpets Magazine 50th issue event - I think. Forgive my bad memory. I am only but 10 years old. We only met briefly on stage and well, let's just say it was quite forgettable as I did not have get a chance to interact much with Uncle Luke. However, he did invite us for yet another event which we ended up not turning up because mummy was delayed at work.

Somehow... these events always fall on a Sunday.

Fast forward 3 years later.... shortly after my appearance interview with Uncle Luke at the ABC event, he contacted me and asked if I could make an appearance for AVA's "Happy Pets, Happy Hood" event on 11th December.

As usual, mummy was reluctant. Very reluctant. The Grinch absolutely hates public appearances and as I said in my last post, if there was a bat-cave mummy could hibernate in, she would.

But mummy never forgets a favour and agreed to make an appearance with me... again. She firmly told Uncle Luke this will be the last for a looonnnngggg time.

Two public appearances within a year.
Two public appearances within two months.

Surely that will, once again, make it into my Flapper Book of Records.

"Happy Pets, Happy Hood"

Batwoman thought it would be yet another quiet event.

She thought since it was at some mall at supposedly ulu-Punggol, like how busy can it get?

"No! It is very crowded especially on weekends! I don't even know whether can get parking or not."

Thanks Uncle Nic. It only made Batwoman freak out more. Regardless whether I am doing a public appearance or going for filming, she always gets nauseated from her nerves. So finding out that Waterway Point is one busy mall made her even wonkier.

Uncle Nic came to pick us up and mummy was already in a pretty wrecked state. Thankfully for Uncle Nic (no sarcasm this time) and Auntie Nanette for being there, it helped settle mummy's nerves... a little. I truly appreciate how Uncle Nic is always there with me for all my life moments - no matter how big or small.

We arrived at Waterway Point at 5:30 pm even though we were only due on stage at 6 pm. It is always important to give ample time for a dog to sniff around a little and adjust to the new place before going on stage.

I was not sure what to expect.

How big will the crowd really be?
Will the people like me?
Will they yell and scream because I'm a big dog?
Will they pat me?

From the minute I arrived, 'Meet-and-Greet' happened on its own. A few kids and adults started coming up to pat me. It was pretty quiet then and there was some skit going on stage. I knew that Auntie Maye from Petvoq had a booth there so since we were early, mummy decided to try to locate her. Can you see in the video when mummy was asking for directions to locate Auntie Maye?

Here's the joke - Both mummy and Auntie Maye thought we were attending the same event... which turned out otherwise! We were at different events and she was at the other end of Singapore! HUMANS! *guffaw*

Anywoof, in our attempt to locate Auntie Maye, we never made it past the "living room". Slowly but surely more people came up to interact with me. It was really nice and I loved watching the little kids reactions. It was a pleasant surprise and experience to have so many nice people come interact with me. No screeching, screaming and yelling kids or parents!

Thumbs-up to all the folks at Waterway Point!
Very cool parents, I must say!

And for the first time, there was no delay in my call-time on stage! They were actually on schedule! Prior to this third interview, Uncle Luke and I met about two to three more times at his office (Citrus Media). The additional meet-ups gave Uncle Luke a much better idea about me and for the few times that we have worked together, this was the most relaxed I have seen him with me.

"Really so 乖。 Very very 乖.", I've heard Uncle Luke say repeatedly since the ABC event.

"乖 is all I ever hear you say... nothing else to say ah?", mummy could not resist teasing Uncle Luke.

Uncle Luke, by now, is a Flapper-Interviewer old pro. With his growing familiarity with me, the interview fluency was undeniable. We were like old pals on stage. No awkwardness or tension. No Uncle Luke worrying that I will go roaming off-course or God-knows what he thought I'd get up to. The worried look used to be written all over his face and mummy would just raise an eyebrow and say, "Relax. I've got him."

This interview with Uncle Luke was indeed the best we've done together. This interviewer-interviewee relationship is like courtship. It starts off a little awkward and perhaps maybe even a little pretentious at the start... then through time, when the masks get stripped off and that's when it gets more real and the fun starts getting included too.

This interview, unlike the usual fluffy ones, was more on 'Responsible Pet Ownership'. After all, that was what "Happy Pets Happy Hood" was all about. Mummy cringed over some of the questions prepared.

"I will become public enemy #1 if I answer some of these questions... especially #2", mummy told Uncle Luke.

Uncle Luke's experience on stage showed that very evening and he artfully manoeuvred the questions based on the audience reactions. So we ended up only answering a few questions rather than the long list prepared. Phew!

At the start of the interview, the crowd was already quite impressive but time passed, the crowd actually got bigger and bigger. Batwoman's face flushed to the roots her hair while I, Flapper Choo, remained cool as a cucumber. It was gratifying, I must say, to see the growing crowd... at least we know we are not that boring. Haha!

There I was on stage, cool as a cucumber, while Batwoman was flushed to the roots of her hair. Many thanks to Auntie Nanette for taking this photo!

Just to thank Uncle Luke for his great interview, mummy obliged and allowed me to perform three tricks on stage to entertain the crowd. After which, I happily obliged to have a photo session with the people from the audience. It was hilarious really! Just because... it was clear that for some, the parents wanted the photo more than the kids did. 😂

I have to say this public appearance turned out better than expectation. And why am I writing so much about Uncle Luke? You see, I just found out that he has left Citrus Media and I was sad. It took a while for us to develop this on-stage chemistry and knowing this third interview was our last as a Clubpets-Flapper collaboration.

Of course, as Uncle Luke said, we never know what may come in the near-future. We may just collaborate again with him representing a different company. I could not help but feel sad anyway.

On the hindsight, as mummy always says, I am glad we did this appearance and had the chance to do work with Uncle Luke this third time. As mummy always says, things happen for a reason. Even though the reason for doing the appearance was not compelling but it happened just because it had to.

So yes, Christmas Fairy, even though I did not don my Santa hat for this "Happy Pets Happy Hood" event but it sure does feel like a meaningful event to add on to my countdown to Christmas.

I wished the camera did not catch me picking up popcorns.....

Can you hear "Flapper-Ah-Choo!" screaming at the background?

Flapper Choo

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