Frodo's 6th Birthday

I could not be asked to figure out how to make this into some pretty photo gallery.

Because I am a boy of little words and all about crazy fun, enjoy the photos!

What's A Birthday Without Getting Skunk And Sandy At The Beach? Birthday Is All About Swimming.

#LAB-Test - And Let's Start Playing With Our Mr Wubba!

Fun With Friends... Except I Was So Busy Annoying A Dog That I Escaped The Camera

Time To Sing 'Happy Birthday To Me'.... Except I Was So Knackered From Playing That I could Barely Sit Up To Pose With My Cake.

Many Thanks to Hallie's Mummy For Making This Cake For Me Because A Particular Mummy Forgot To Order!

What Do You Mean We Need To Shower Before We Can Eat The Cake?

Where's Mummy?

After THAT Shower, We Can Finally Eat The Cake!

The End.

I Love Me.

Happy Birthday To Me.

xxoo Frodo Choo.

All Photos by Furry Photos Pet Photography

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