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Doh-AH! The One Hit Wonder

The other day....
Mummy and Flapper sat me down.
They wanted to have a serious talk with me.
I pretended I was listening....

"Oh lookie! That's Fluffy at the corner. I want to go slobber him!", I thought to myself.

Oh yes, I am having a oh-so-serious meeting with mummy and Flapper.

Frodo! you got to make yourself more useful and start writing your own stories! I bolted off.
Needed to slobber Fluffy.

What's the meaning of useful again?
Never heard of it.
Don't know it.
Don't wanna know it.

I stick toys in Flapper's mouth, I irritate him till he plays with me, I insist that the toy in his mouth is the one I want, I slobber Fluffy, I annoy both Fluffy and Frappe, I smack my tail at mummy's and daddy's face, I step all over Flapper... AND!  I make grandpa a very happy man.

That's useful.... no?

So mummy wrote in the last post about my genius brother's brain.
Yes, yes, he is the smarty pants of the family.
He catches all the balls.
He figu…

Picking on Flapper's Brains

Hello everyone.

This is Flapper's mummy, familiarly known to be THE bias mummy who loves Flapper most. I won't deny it. Flapper will always hold that very special place in my heart.

You see, Dumbo is the king with the entire Choo family while Frodo just goofily barges his way into everyone else's heart - especially Grandpa (read Everybody Loves Frodo). Pebbles is the apple of daddy's eyes.

So Flapper, despite being Mr Popular, is not that well-loved in his personal life.  Flapper is just plain stoic which some consider boring.  Unlike his highly-animated and attention-seeking brother, Flapper is chilled.  Very chilled.  He is, in human terms, at peace with himself.

Give Flapper attention, great!
He will turn sideways and show the appreciation for belly rubs.

Give attention to Frodo.
That's fine too.
He will just go relax at one corner on his own.

Well... okay, until food is present.  He will be the first to report attendance with a nice sit and that million…

Life Goes On

I have to confess.

I suffered from withdrawal syndrome after completing Sony's "Prove Yourself" campaign.  It was an exhilarating three months of constant adrenaline rush from the planning, the anticipation, executing the activities and the eye-squinting video editing.

After posting up my final video and Action Cam review article, I twaddled my paws restlessly and gave mummy my signature sad eyes and tragic look.  I wanted more adventures.

So the other day, when I saw that mummy had not put back on her uniform by a certain time, I stuck my face right into hers and then I showed her the door.

"Take me out for another adventure... NOW!"

Mummy looked out the window and checked the haze reading.

"Okay Flapper, perhaps we could do something today."

Mummy dragged out the scoot and said, "Perhaps we could finally try this today.  We don't have much time left with the second Action Cam so let's see what we can do with this!".

Mummy borrowed …


I have started a new section called 'Doh-AH!' which is a compilation/feed of all of my silly brother's stories.  He is just too funny, irritating and silly not to have a section dedicated to his antics.

Frodo = Fro-DOH.
Fro-DOH has many DOH! moments.

All I hear during this staycation is, "Frodo, down!", "Frodo, off!", "DOH AHHHHHH!"- Uncle Nic commented during my birthday getaway.
Yes, there are many Doh-AH! moments everyday... without fail.

He will do something irritating and you can hear mummy exclaim, "DOH AHHHHH!".  Sometimes with an amused voice but most of the time with an irritated voice.  He has a daily 'irritating quota' which includes irritating Fluffy the cat, the human but mainly me, Flapper Choo.

So the other days while going through Uncle Nic's many many photos of Frodo and me, I decided that there are too many funny Frodo moments that he should have a page dedicated to him.

And the page shall be called "D…

Flapper the Mer-Dog

If I could, I would like to be a Mer-Dog (Mermaid-Dog).
My name is Flapper but I have no flipper.
I love swimming and I love the sea. I would love to live by the sea, in the sea, on the sea, under the sea....

Look at these stuff, isn't it neat?
Wouldn't you think my collection's complete?
Wouldn't you I'm a girl... dog... a girl dog who has everything?
Okay, okay, I am no red-head Ariel.   As a matter of fact, I'm yellow but mummy prefers to call me blonde.  I cannot sing like Ariel either.  I can only bark.
So I was looking through at my birthday photos for the thousandth time.  I was in my zone.  Beach... sand... swim... play... I was one truly happy mer-dog.

All photos by Nicholas Lee (aka Uncle Nic) of Furry Photos Pet Photography

The Emergence of 'Mer-Dog' It was not always that I was a mer-dog.

When I was adopted by mummy in May 2007 at eight months old, I did not know what swimming was much less understood the joy of being a mer-dog.  I had gangly le…

Sony Action Cam Review

I get it.

This is an 'Action Cam' so the point of this "Prove Yourself: Take Your Adventures to New Heights" campaign is to demonstrate the image quality and capability in capturing adrenaline pumping high impact activities.

However, after much thoughts and planning, I decided to do a range of activities that allowed me to test the camera's capability in different scenes/environments. What I, the ordinary home-user, am looking for in a POV camera is its capability to capture life moments with quality images.

My birthday getaway video which sums up my three months of adventures with the boast-worthy Action Cam
There were other factors I was judging the Action Cam on i.e. durability, battery life, ease of use etc.

So for those who have been following my adventure stories for the past three months, you have probably read my raving reviews about the 4K Action Cam FDR-X1000VR so this is pretty much a recap of all that has been said.

My review is based on a POV-c…

Website Revamp


Everybody loves Frodo

I have a brother from a different mother/father/continent.
His name is Frodo.
Frodo Choo.

And everybody loves Frodo.

Frodo has a derp face.
Everyone says so.
Derp face is as goofy as his face.
So everybody loves Frodo.

Everything is about Frodo.
He is to your face with his ridiculous butt shake and big derp smile;
"Me! Me! Me!  It's got to be about me!", Frodo insists.
Then everybody loves Frodo.

Frodo is annoying.
His life mission is to irritate.
But somehow some humans find it... cute.
And so everybody loves Frodo.

Frodo loves the toy in my mouth.
The bone in my mouth tastes better too.
He will stuff things in my mouth...
And everybody loves Frodo.

Frodo has no concept of space or size.
He thinks he is a Chihuahua.
He gets in the way and flashes that derp smile.
And everybody loves Frodo.

Frodo has a big head but he is not the brightest.
Mummy says, "Frodo, your head is 99% play, 1% food."
Mummy taps his head, and we can hear echo.
But everybody loves Frodo.

9 Promises to Flapper

Flapper is now officially 9 years young.

With this, it marks the end of his three months campaign for Sony Action Cam.  It has been a memorable and meaningful journey.  I am so glad that we have been given this opportunity to create and experience new adventures and most of all, end it off with style - Flapper's Birthday Celebration.

The last time Flapper had a big birthday celebration was way back when he was 4.  That was a grand party with 30 of his furry pals.  They came pretty/handsome and went home... absolutely muddy.  Such fun memories!

Since then, unforeseen circumstances led to futile birthday plans every year.  Like the Chinese saying goes, 不同狗,不同命。

Different dog, different life.
Luck is a given for Frodo.
Luck is hard-earned for Flapper.

So this year, I was determined to make something happen.
It HAS to happen.
It WILL happen.

Flapper really deserves a good birthday celebration this year... more than what anyone would ever know or realise.

So when we were first appro…