Life Goes On

I have to confess.

I suffered from withdrawal syndrome after completing Sony's "Prove Yourself" campaign.  It was an exhilarating three months of constant adrenaline rush from the planning, the anticipation, executing the activities and the eye-squinting video editing.

After posting up my final video and Action Cam review article, I twaddled my paws restlessly and gave mummy my signature sad eyes and tragic look.  I wanted more adventures.

So the other day, when I saw that mummy had not put back on her uniform by a certain time, I stuck my face right into hers and then I showed her the door.

"Take me out for another adventure... NOW!"

Mummy looked out the window and checked the haze reading.

"Okay Flapper, perhaps we could do something today."

Mummy dragged out the scoot and said, "Perhaps we could finally try this today.  We don't have much time left with the second Action Cam so let's see what we can do with this!".

Mummy borrowed the scoot from 'Auntie Lian' at the start of the campaign thinking we could probably do something with it.  But after realising it is quite a lean mean machine that is too heavy to carry around, she changed her mind.

But here's the other truth.
Don't trust mummy on anything that has less than four wheels.

Don't tell her I bao-toh (snitched) on her.

Spending my last few moments with the second Action Cam before bidding farewell to it.  Did I tell you how much I truly love my Action Cam?

It was mummy's first time scooting.  I give her due credit for not crashing on her face.   After she got used to the feel and speed of the scoot, she got Frodo and me into a chasing frenzy.

"Ha!  I can finally 'outrun' Frodo!", mummy said gleefully.

I have a funny feeling that this scoot is going to be mummy's new source of entertainment with us....

So yeah, life goes on.
Just got to keep creating adventures.

And then, of course, there's Flap-a-zine.
There is always something to keep me busy.

End Notes (Tech-Blabs):

Footage was taken in 4K mode but final video was set at 1080p.

The second camera was clipped onto the scoot using my favourite accessory, the Clip Mount.

After running this activity, I discovered that i-movie has updated to support 4K format. How timely! I was excited to see how this video will turn out but faced a lot of problems with the edit.  Random footage persistently turned blank green.

Either 4K is proving to be too powerful for my now-considered-antique Macbook Pro or the new 4K function for i-movie is glitchy considering it is a new update.

Either way, think I should just stick to my personal setting for now and pray real hard for a new Mac to drop down from heaven's above. *guffaw*

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