I have started a new section called 'Doh-AH!' which is a compilation/feed of all of my silly brother's stories.  He is just too funny, irritating and silly not to have a section dedicated to his antics.

Frodo = Fro-DOH.

Fro-DOH has many DOH! moments.

Perfect Doh-AH! moment caught by Uncle Nic of Furry Photos.  When he squashes himself next time me, he is just about to pull an irritating stunt on me.

All I hear during this staycation is, "Frodo, down!", "Frodo, off!", "DOH AHHHHHH!"
- Uncle Nic commented during my birthday getaway.

Yes, there are many Doh-AH! moments everyday... without fail.

He will do something irritating and you can hear mummy exclaim, "DOH AHHHHH!".  Sometimes with an amused voice but most of the time with an irritated voice.  He has a daily 'irritating quota' which includes irritating Fluffy the cat, the human but mainly me, Flapper Choo.

So the other days while going through Uncle Nic's many many photos of Frodo and me, I decided that there are too many funny Frodo moments that he should have a page dedicated to him.

And the page shall be called "Doh-AH!"


Caught On My POV Camera

Yet Another Doh-AH! Moment

And that is my irritating brother, Frodo Choo.
Never a peaceful moment with him.
But can't help but love him anyway just because he is too funny.

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