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The Week Gone By Part 2: That Acting Thing

Dear Diary,

Ok Ok... I am well aware that it has been more than "the week gone by".  I cannot help it!  I am such a busy boy juggling between maintaining my social activities and that little bit of work... you know, that acting thing.


I should [un]consider firing that ghostwriter of mine.

What a fun and exciting day I had today!

First and foremost, and most importantly,


Bring out the milk.
Bring out the toys.

Time to throw a celebration!

And celebrate, I did!

Rock and roll time with my pals.
And yes, TGIF too!

That Acting Thing

So erm... yeah.  I was sort of busy with that acting thing again.

Just one episode.
Three days of work.
Oodles of fun.

I am such a lucky boy to be selected again for the role by Director Lye Lin.

This is our third show together.  First being "Sudden" in 2013, followed by "Mystic Whispers" in 2014 and now, "Love?" a.k.a. 限量爱情.

With three TV s…

The week gone by... part 1

Dear Diary,

OMG!  It's Monday again!

Where has all the time gone to?  *gasp*

And how do I know it's Monday again?

It's time for my favourite activity once again called SWIMMING.


The week gone by... What a busy week I've had!

So as you might have read from my previous post, Frodo and I started the week out with our glorious swim at the beach.

But most of all, I was preparing for my new acting role = more training fun time with mummy.

And I looovvveeeee learning new things with mummy!

Did you know....
I get so excited in training I can become a bit of a crybaby?

Maybe one day I will post the video up.

For those who are wondering, NOT that I am being tortured... but mummy uses the clicker so this means, I need to crack my rocket scientist brain to figure out what will get me THAT click.

And some times, I get sooooo excited (nicer way of saying "impatient"), I will whine at mummy to tell her, "quick give me that click!"

It is super duper fun... …

Busy Monday

Dear Diary,

It's Monday!

My favourite day of the week!

You see, there's always some form of excursion on Monday and today, we got to go to that magnificent place called THE BEACH!  It's a love-hate for mummy with the beach.

Love - It's open.  It's spacious.  Frodo and I get to swim a lot more than a swimming pool.

Hate - I have this favourite hobby called 'rubbing myself silly on the sand'.  This means... the house will be very very sandy for the next 3 days.

It's a human-dilemma, I tell ya!

But mummy will cave in at some point and bring us to the beach.... now and again.

We... the doggies... always win.

Monday is also family day with grandma, grandpa and that grumpy old brother of mine, Dumbo.

I don't get the humans.

They take the same photo every other day and never seem to get bored with it.   Mummy says it's because Dumbo and I are getting older so every moments count.

We're not complaining.

All we need to do is sit in front of the same…

It's All in the Name (part 1)

Dear Diary,

This 'lil website of mine is finally up and running!  Phew!

What can I say?

I made a resolution to have my own little blog-diary-website just because I think it can be fun.  BUT the mere thought of starting/designing and thereafter maintaining the website, made this idea seem quite daunting.  Maintaining my social media sites is... fun!  But quite hard work too.  And now to add a blog/website to the list?


After some ding-dong-ing around indecisively with mummy for some time  on to-do or not-to-do, we decided, "What the heck!  To-do we shall!"

After all, the work is actually done by the human mastermind.  So is the writing.  But let's all just pretend that I, Flapper Choo, am actually a canine genius who is fully capable of doing my own writing.

So with that, it was time to decide on THE NAME.

I think it's that Libra thing about indecisions but even THE NAME for the website was another ding-a-ling-a-dong session with mummy.  Put two Libra…

Time to start my diary

Dear Diary,

Mummy (the human one) says I'm an old man now BUT I'm only 8 years-ish young.   Such audacity to call me 'old man'.  Hmph!
"Sorry Flapper, the whites on your face don't lie.", so mummy says.
Anywoof, as part of my new year's resolution, I have decided to start my own little diary but first thing first, I need to get into my role as a writer.

What do you think?
Do I look the part?
xxoo Flapper