The week gone by... part 1

Dear Diary,
My trademark Monday
swimming goofy pose.

OMG!  It's Monday again!

Where has all the time gone to?  *gasp*

And how do I know it's Monday again?

It's time for my favourite activity once again called SWIMMING.


Swim and ball.
Life couldn't be bette

The week gone by...

What a busy week I've had!

So as you might have read from my previous post, Frodo and I started the week out with our glorious swim at the beach.

But most of all, I was preparing for my new acting role = more training fun time with mummy.

And I looovvveeeee learning new things with mummy!

Did you know....
I get so excited in training I can become a bit of a crybaby?

Maybe one day I will post the video up.

For those who are wondering, NOT that I am being tortured... but mummy uses the clicker so this means, I need to crack my rocket scientist brain to figure out what will get me THAT click.

And some times, I get sooooo excited (nicer way of saying "impatient"), I will whine at mummy to tell her, "quick give me that click!"

It is super duper fun... this clicker training thing.

Frodo, Pebbles, Fluffy and Frappe are all clicker-trained too!

So... the moment mummy gets the clicker and her treat pouch, all five of us promptly report to her expectantly.

20-Jan-2015, Tuesday

I never finished my entry yesterday.

Woohoo!  Yumz from Barkery.
My friends from Barkery came for a visit and as usual, the humans started chatting and chatting... whilst I shamelessly ask for belly rub.

Frodo, that traitor, was still out gallivanting with grandpa.

Running joke:  
Frodo's love-date with grandpa is getting later and later... the humans are coming home earlier than him.

Need I say more?

Seriously, that's a lot of yumz for us.
After some serious discussion, we agreed we should share with our

We have been very lucky to have found a nice doggie playschool (that mummy's good friend owns) for us to hang out for a couple of hours with the other doggies in a nice controlled environment.
Me and my little chilli padi
girlfriend, Maggie.

And of course, nice socialised doggies too.
That is... very very very important.

We always have a blast when we are there.

First, I get to meet my old-time friend named Maggie.  Maggie is a chilli padi.  Don't see her one tiny black thing but she's got character.  AND!  She is absolutely devoted to mummy.

Like seriously devoted to mummy.  *woof!*

Scenes from last week's playdate

Group shot time.
It's never easy to get everyone into the shot
(as you can see, Frodo is missing from this shot and well, a few others too!)
Chillin' out with my pals

Found a new BFF (Best Furry Friend) named Winston.
One last one for the road...
Frodo, Pebbles and me with Maggie.

Scenes from today's playdate and the power of "Bark Kwa"

With that powerful treat called "Bark Kwa", we managed some pretty
awesome group shots today!
From left: Jessie, Eeyore, Maggie, Gummy, Me, Pebbles, Frodo

And here's another group shot of us flashing cute smiles, well,
except those 2 little black ones at front. Tsk! Tsk!
From left: Moo, Me, Gummy and Eeyore
Front: Pebbles and Maggie

This had to be added just because we think it's cute.
Can you name all of use already?
P.S. Gummy!  The Bark Kwa will get to you soon.  Be patient!

Here's one of me with Eeyore.
Cute huh?

How can we miss this out?
Frodo with his BFF, Gummy!

Just because... we love labs and we cannot resist of a shot with
all 3 labs together!  Should be Frodo in this shot since he is the pure
lab.  But what the heck!  Too cute not to show!
From left: Gummy, Jessie... and Me!

So yes guys, now you know the power of Bark Kwa.

With Bark Kwa, we get decent group shots.


Bark Kwa jokes aside, many thanks once again to Barkery for giving us all that yummilicious treats that we could share with our pals!

We (Frodo, Pebbles and I) would also like to give big thanks to Mummy's good friend for opening up her playschool gates to us and allowing us to have fun with all the wonderful doggies there.

Okay okay, and we must also thank mummy for bringing us for all these fun activities and maintaining our social life.

We are really such lucky doggies.
Truly we are.

I must sign off now as it's just about meal time!

Will tell you more of my/our doggie adventures later!

Super happy, I am!


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